Arlington National Cemetery

This morning started out with a trip to Arlington National Cemetery. I took this HDR photograph (or actually 7 photographs) of the cemetery. Combining the photographs produced this gorgeous effect. It’s always nice to have a lot of clouds and some interesting foreground. In this case, it was a numbered gravestone, typical in this cemetery.

Our purpose in this trip was to bury Ray’s grandmother in Arlington National Cemetery. She died last year, but her ashes were interred today.

Ray’s cousin Morgan prayed by the grave stone after the ceremony, while everyone else was walking back to their cars. I thought this image of her was beautiful and glad I snapped this shot.

Lunch: We didn’t eat breakfast, since we had planned to go eat around 10am after we were back from the cemetery. I had a very big lunch. What I consumed probably was around 2,000 calories. The “healthy” Blueberry Yogurt Shake was advertised at 600 calories and the Cheeseburger on a Glazed Bun and Fries were around 1500 calories.

Dinner: Because I consumed so much, I just couldn’t even force myself to eat dinner. I was outside of my daily limit during these 1300 […read more…]

Long Bus Ride to Washington, DC

Ray snapped a shot of me working on my phone (thank God for smart phones!) as we rode on the Bolt Bus to DC. We got on the bus at 7:30PM and got to DC at 12:30AM. Ray’s parental unit picked us up and we went to our hotel near Arlington National Cemetery. We said our hellos very quickly to the rest of the family in the lobby and were off to bed.

Breakfast: Corn Flakes with Skim Milk.

Lunch: Mac and Cheese with Brocolli and Lots of Hot Peppers.

Dinner: I only ate breakfast and lunch today. I thought I’d have time to grab us some deli sandwiches before we got on the bus, but time ran short. Luckily, I had some apples and water with me, so we had a little snack during our 5 hour ride. My mother-in-law had delicious peaches with her in the car, so I had a mouth watering peach before I went to bed.

DC in a Day

This morning I woke up at 5AM, had my breakfast (a quick pre-made broccoli quiche) and caught the Megabus to Washington, DC with my friend, Donnell. I was going to see one of my besties, Cara, and Donnell was off to see an old friend of hers, his fiancée and son.

We had a beautiful lunch at Teaism, where I had a small portion of my Thai Curry Chicken with Brown Rice and Iced Green Tea. Can I just say, it was SO difficult to stop at a small portion of this food–it was so delicious, I wanted to keep eating, but I forced myself to close the top and stop.

Then we were off to the Newseum. I’ve been wanting to see that museum since it opened around three years ago and kept missing out on chances every time I was in DC. It is SO great. I highly recommend it.

Everyday, the Newseum puts out the front pages of all the major newspapers in the U.S. All the exhibits are really interesting. I had a chance to see several different pulitzer prize winning photographs, along with an amazing exhibit on the FBI, which got […read more…]