Farm Stand

On our way back from our trip, we stopped at a random gas station in Mechanicsville, Virginia, a civil war town. Little did we know, that there would be a fantastic little farm stand right there. It was a perfect spot to get out, stretch the legs, show Sebastian something new and breastfeed. After getting a feel for the town, I definitely want to go back and finally see an awesome reenactment.

Sebastian enjoyed touching all he could. He especially loved the wind chimes–oh, if only he could get his hands on those!

Of course, we had to get some veggies while we were out there. We got a whole bag and I mean, a whole grocery bag full of kale for 4 dollars. That would have cost about 15 in NYC!! Ha, ha.

And, who could resist eggs, which, somehow, made it back to NYC.

A Detour from the Scenic Route

We started our trip with the best intentions of taking the scenic route, but after laboring through only 150 miles in 7 hours (including 2 traversing the streets of Philadelphia), we retreated to I-95.

We had started on historic hwy 1 and then went to route 13. And, by the way, it wasn’t very scenic, but I’ll get to that later.

Luckily, Pio (sometimes, we call Sebastian by one of his middle names) was all smile most of those 7 hours. He’s definitely more aware of everything at seven and a half months and no longer sleeps the whole time on road trips. If I just give him eye contact, I usually get this:

As we were struggling to stay on Route 13 due to unmarked turns, we decided we should take a break when we saw green grass in Philly. I had made sure to bring our picnic blanket, so we laid it out and I fed Pio.

As we waited, a Segway tour passed us by, we checked our map, stretched out and checked in with our families that are meeting us in NC. This was the first time we were using […read more…]