Making More than Smoothies

Raw foodist vegans don’t just eat smoothies. As you’ve seen during the week, I also made salads. Today, I made a Spinach Dip, with a full half of a lemon!

I discovered three things when I made it.

One, I need to learn to make dips a little less watery. Husband enjoyed the dip, but also commented on the consistency. Two, avocado and spinach are a really great combination. I was supposed to add ground cloves to it, but I couldn’t find any in my spice cabinet. Maybe the cloves would have made it even better. Three, a lot of vegans use lettuce leaves as a veggie to dip with–I never would have thought of that until I did this week long diet. I usually think of celery, brocolli, things like that, but not actual leaves. Believe it or not, lettuce leaves and tomatoes dipped in this Spinach dip is really fun.

I can’t believe I’ve done a week of this diet, minus cheating on Friday night. I noticed that when I ate the shake and fries on Friday, it didn’t feel as good as having this diet. It’s like my […read more…]

Back to the Greens

I was back to my Green Binge on Saturday. I made a few delicious items, but the one that is really worth mentioning was Robyn’s “What a Pear Smoothie,” which was light and refreshing. I think I’ll be making it again in the near future since I still have a few pears left!

I put pears, frozen bananas and water in my blender.

Then, after I put it on the food processor level, I added several stalks of celery. I didn’t use lemon this time, which made me wonder how it would taste, but it was brilliant nonetheless.

Cheating with Big Daddy

It was Friday night, friends were in town and I was good all day…until after we saw Fuerza Bruta. We went to Big Daddy’s Diner and I had something that was so bad for me, but so delicious that I don’t even feel any guilt. Earlier in the week, I watched my friends eat yummy things in front of me and I stayed true to my week long Green Binge plan. Finally, Friday night, I said it’s ok to cheat a little bit (when it comes to food, of course, nothing else!)

The name of the shake was “The Cookie Monster,” and I certainly can’t resist a great name for a fantastic product. Though it was in liquid (almost smoothie) form, it was neither green, nor vegan and raw. It was dairy goodness! Do you know that this diner has Shake Happy Hours?! I may have to come back for that.

I didn’t just have the shake, I also ate fries and chicken tenders. I noticed something. I couldn’t really eat the whole thing. Normally, when something is so delicious and fried up, I can just breath it all in and it’s gone! This time, […read more…]

Papaya on the Go

I love this little Nalgene Water Bottle that I can just pop into my bag whenever I need, so I don’t have to be forced into buying lunch. It only takes a tiny bit of planning to think ahead, prep and take my meal with me. These leak proof and indestructible bottles make it easy to take a delicious smoothie on the go. Now, if only the bottle could turn into a pair of comfortable, yet fashionable heels!

In my little to go bottle was a delicious papaya and parsley smoothie. I would never think to order that at a juice bar and was weary about making it, but it was just perfect. Papaya, banana and parsley make a winning combination.

Snow Bunny

In light of the snow storm in New York, I thought it appropriate to make a “Snow Bunny Smoothie” today.

I see that at this point, the Green Binge is getting “greener” and it’s less about the fruit and more about the veggies. My smoothie had a large focus on carrots, ginger and red leaf lettuce and a small amount of banana.I loved this smoothie and the name was so cute, I can’t wait to try this recipe again. The ginger gave it a nice spice and kick and surprisingly, it made me feel cozy on this cold, snowy day. What is it about carrots and ginger that make you feel so warm and cuddly?!

I made another wonderful meal with mandarins and baby spinach. I’m showing you a photo of the blender, so you can see how much green to put into the blender. The more baby spinach, the more nutrients in your body. And the mandarins are so sweet, they cover a lot of the taste of the spinach and only make it a richer flavor. Yum, yum, yum!

[…read more…]

Lemon is the Key

Today’s meals were a blast, as long as I didn’t look out and see the snow falling. Then, my cold drink made me shiver. Luckily, I was bundled in a hefty sweater for most of the day. It makes me wonder how many Californians are raw foodists versus….well, the population in every cold part of the country. There’s something to be said for 70 and sunny and a nice, ice cold green smoothie!

The meals were all wonderful. My favorite may have been my purple smoothie this morning. The recipe actually calls it a Pink ‘n Green Smoothie because you’re supposed to use raspberries, but I used what I had –wild blueberries, which made it a deep purple. Added to that were a bunch of celery stalks.

Now that I’m on Day 2 of my “Green Binge,” I’ve gotten a bunch of tips, so I used an excellent tip I learned. I had done it in my smoothies for the past few months, but wasn’t doing it this week because I was trying to follow the recipe as much as possible. But forget that, I had to try something new to make the taste better and it […read more…]

Video in Preparation for my First Meal

If you can’t see the video above (likely if you’re on an iPad or iPhone) click here

I have to admit that today was tough. I’m used to eating a lot more calories of solid food. I also love to consume bread and oatmeal on a daily basis, so it’s hard to change that habit. Somehow, even though I’m not a big coffee drinker, starting last night when I told myself that I would do this vegan/raw diet, I had such a craving for coffee with skim milk and sugar. It seems like when you try to make a change, even a small one, you become bombarded with delicious smells of mystery meat from the street carts or your friends posting on your facebook wall about tasty hot chocolates “you must try” all over the city! Why is it that whenever you give something up, you want everything, even things you don’t really have in your regular diet?

I prepped last night for some of my meals and I made a video of one of my preparations. My morning meal was an Apple Smoothie. Why is it called an apple smoothie? I think it’s because if they called it […read more…]

My Green Binge

For the next week, I will not only be eating “green,” but will also be eating completely vegan and raw. I should backtrack and tell you a bit of what inspired this plan.

About seven months ago, my sister-in-law, Lisa, told me about this blog she started consistently reading called Green Smoothie Girl. At first, I was quite skeptical. Lisa told me she bought a blender and started making smoothies that were tasty. I couldn’t believe that you could combine fruit and SPINACH and make that taste good. So, when I went to visit my family during my dad’s knee operation, I had a chance to try one of Lisa’s smoothies. It was incredible! I knew that they would be a hit when I saw my nieces and nephew devouring their smoothies, just like I devour ice-cream. As soon as I came home, I bought a Blendtec Total Blender, (trust me when I say that a Blendtec is a must have. No other blender compares to what this one does!) bought spinach and lots of frozen fruits and began having smoothies at least 5 times a week.

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa did the week long “detox” that Robyn […read more…]