Happy Easter!

Today was the most important day in my faith. I find this day very special. This was the first year that the hubby and I hosted both of our families for Easter and I was really proud of the results. Of course, all of this was done with the help of my family, which was a another blessing on a blessed day. I wish all of you wonderful readers a very happy and Blessed Easter!

Lamb Pound Cake


Easter Basket Blessing

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wanted to explain a little about my other Polish tradition of blessing our Easter basket. First, I should say, that in any area that has a large population of Poles, it’s common to see this blessing at all Catholic Churches. In Chicago, it’s very common in any church to do this on Holy Saturday, whether you are Polish or not.

Our Easter Basket


In New York, it’s a little different. Though, I saw plenty of Americans today, I believe they were at least partly of Polish decent, since I heard them speaking English, but saying a few Polish words here and there, like “We need to bring this back for babcia,” meaning grandmother.

I grew up with this tradition, so I was surprised when I moved to New York and didn’t see all Catholics doing it. Admittedly, it was a bit sad for me, especially seeing the dwindling amount of Poles in Manhattan, as it is an extremely expensive city to live in. I think most American Poles have moved to Chicago!

Below is my photo of my Easter Basket, filled with all sorts of mouthwatering delights.

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Easter Eggs, The Old Fashioned Way

After a phenomenal five hours in church for Fr. Rutler’s powerful meditation on the seven last words of Christ and liturgy at Our Savior Church, I realized that we still needed to get ready for Saturday’s Easter Basket Blessing. This is a Polish tradition that I will explain more in an upcoming post. On Holy Saturday, we always get our basket ready for a blessing, so we can eat delicious and blessed food on Easter Sunday!

Since Husband and I have been trying to live our lives more simply and more naturally, the way my parents raised me, I jumped at the idea of dying our Easter eggs naturally. We did that when I was growing up, but for the last few years, I kept buying those bright colored kits because it was more convenient for lots of people to decorate eggs at our annual Easter decorating parties.

With my father’s assistance, we began the process. Because we started with cage free brown eggs, the colors weren’t going to change drastically, but it was fun to do nonetheless.

Cup of Boiled Blueberries


Coffee Grinds boiled for the deep brown color.


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Art at the Consulate

I love the Polish Consulate. The Consulate in New York is located in this beautiful mansion on the corner of Madison Avenue and 37th Street. The ceilings are high, there is red velvet on the stairs and banisters and they always have really interesting events, with interesting people in attendance.

Tonight, I watched a famous jazz trumpeter, Tomasz Stanko, play several mesmerizing songs. His music was appropriate to the theme of the night, an exibition of work by photographer Andrzej Tyszko, famous for his jazz album covers. I loved the use of shadow and light on the photographs. It gives me ideas for portrait shots. I haven’t done a lot of those, so it might be fun to play around a bit. It’s always great to be inspired by other photographers.

Breakfast: Crepes and Spinach.

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with Carrots. Warmed in the oven on a 100 calorie multigrain bread.

Dinner: Chicken Pesto, Vegetable Medley and Home Fries. A satiating experience for only 300 calories!

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Moja Papieska Spiritualna Podrosz

Minelo kilka lat od czasu jak pisalam na temat papierza i o moich doznaniach, gdy uczestinczylam w pogrzebie Jana Pawla II. Mialam wiele okazji a zeby widziec naszego Ojca Swietego i witac go dwa razy osobiscie a kazdy z tych momentow byl wyjatkowy i specjalny dla mnie. Kazde spotkanie z nim dawalo mi odswiezajacy powiew w moim zyciu i w mojej potrzebie Boga. Tak wiec, kiedy Jan Pawel II umarl bylam poprostu z druzgotana. Nie przestawalam plakac i myslec jakze inny bedze swiat bez jego obecnosci. Nawet wiele miesiecy pozniej, oplakiwalam jego smierc razem z milionami innych ludzi.

W chwili obecniej, w moja dusze wstapila wielka nadzieja i radosc w momencie gdy zauwazylam szczegolny charizmat papieza Benedykta XVI, ktory jako nowy pasterz kosciola ma mnie prowadzic na drodze mojej wiary. Poczulam szczegolna wiez z tym papiezem. Sprawy, ktore dla mnie sa szczegolnie istotne to to, co ksztaltuje, okresla i czyni mnie bardzie stalym w mojej wierze. Moj wzrost jako polsko-amerykanskiej katolickiej dziewczyny odczuwalam zawsze jako trudny marsz pod prad. Zawsze stale walczylam aby bronic moich pogladow i tego kim jestem. Moje rodzice zawsze mowili mi, ze w moim zyciu nie raz zdazy mi sie byc przesladowanym za moja wiare. […read more…]