Grass-Fed Farming

Sebastian went out to visit his grandparents this weekend and then we all went out to an organic grass-fed farm, called Mini Mac. What a thrill for our little boy. I didn’t expect him to react the way he did when he saw goats on the farm. He just started giggling like crazy. I love being outdoors with the boy and he clearly responds well to yummy goats.

Mini Mac is a farm bought a few years ago by a husband and wife team, who just wanted to live off the land. Bill and Helen McLaughlin bought it for themselves, with no intention to sell any products, but soon people were leaving notes in their mailbox and leaving messages on their phone seeking a purchase of a half of a cow and grass-fed meat. Now, that the paleo lifestyle is becoming a popular way of life and people are becoming more concerned with knowing what they are truly eating, it only makes sense that the farm grew fast. The husband and wife team quickly learned how to do everything with their animals, eventually bought more, got into a co-op of farms and found a processing plant that met […read more…]

Saving a Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day. So when 5 o’clock (named the valium hour by mothers in the 60’s) rolled around, I couldn’t get out of the house, walk over by the river, and then to the butcher, in order to cook up a fresh dinner. This time of day got the name the valium hour, because you want to keep your kid up until a proper bedtime, but he is starting to get tired and cranky, and women used to take valium at this time to calm their nerves as they dealt with the crankiness. On top of that, we hardly had anything in the fridge, and I was holding off on a big Fresh Direct order since we are headed to Costco this weekend, so I didn’t know what to do for dinner.

Sebastian only slept for a half hour during the afternoon, and he wanted to either be held or be jumping all over me and wouldn’t let me cook. I eventually gave into him and just chased him all around the apartment or vice versa. We started playing a game about a week ago where he comes after me, climbs on me and tries to slobber me? […read more…]