Living with a Barb

Well, it’s been a month or so since I’ve written and I’m being baaaaad again.

I should tell you about Barb, the woman I live with. Just picture, a 69 year old woman, with no teeth, who walks really slow, has a dog that can’t hold it’s bladder and screeches out, “Dominique! Dominique!”

Yah, that’s her, but that’s not all of her. I should have added that she is a packrat. Now, I’ve seen packrats before. I used to play with this grrrl named Ola when I lived in Logan Square. Her next door neighbor was a PACKRAT. So much stuff in that house-it was awful. I don’t know how we got through the house, but for us, as little grrrls it was fun. You could hide in all the stuff. She really liked the home shopping channel and just kept ordering.

Barb is not like her. She’s a different kind of packrat. She keeps trash. For example, she has old newspapers from 1998. She has words cut out from magazines. She has pringle tops. She has old cereal boxes. Why does she need this, you might ask. Because, everything can be used. But, will it? I think […read more…]

Town and No Cows.

A “cowtown” it is not. It looks like a city-a city with lots of cranes, doing the obvious: building! The area I live in is called “North Omaha”-a black middle-class neighborhood, next to a country club and golf course. Of course, it’s not a place to jog at night, but I feel safe. I think my guardian angel keeps me feeling that way. Well, that and Ray, of course. He’ll be here every weekend or I’ll see him in Chicago.

This morning I wasn’t honked at –not even once. My aimless driving, map in the left hand, NPR news loud, taking sips a bottle of water in the right hand, slowing down at the green lights to look at the streets signs and this didn’t annoy anyone. I think I was the only one concerned about my actions. In Chicago, I would have inspired road rage many times over!

After a few minutes of confusion, I closed my eyes and said a prayer so that St. Anthony, patron of lost things would help me –when I opened them, the light was green and on my left sat the large courthouse. Parking here is so reasonable. I found a garage for […read more…]