Brunch at Shopsin's General Store

I am continually on the hunt for a good brunch spot. One of the places that I have to mention is Shopsin’s General Store. It is in the Essex Market. I kept looking outside of it, walking up and down the street to no avail and finally figured out that you have to go inside and past the meat market to find this tiny little place full of vulgarity and the most delicious food you will ever encounter.

The menu has about 8 million items and it is very difficult to choose one meal. It is family owned and family run and if you adore spicy food, like I do, get a little kick by ordering an item with “hatch,” which is apparently a green chili. Also, another delicious item comes from “The Petes” section of the menu, called the “Repete.” Prepare to enter into pig heaven. Also, if you are a vegetarian (I only pay attention to this now because my husband became one about two years ago), there is plenty of food for you. Beware, you will get scorned for being one, but there are many items to choose from and you’ll still be enchanted by deliciousness.

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B Cup and Katy

There are so many great coffee shops in NYC, but my favorite is B Cup on Ave B and 13th St. It just grabs my fancy, perhaps it’s because we’re so attracted to bright colors and you almost feel like you’re on the set of “Friends”, except it’s a little grungier and the people behind the counter are way friendlier and more interesting.

Almost every time I have a visitor, (which has been a lot lately) I tend to gravitate toward B Cup. Not only does it have delicious treats fit for everyone’s tastes, it is comfy, in a great location (Alphabet City) and near an area of the city I love photographing and walking around.

Mmmm…I’m craving an Israeli salad as I write about it. Thanks to my Canadian friend, Katy (pictured above) who accompanied me, I had my fill of decaf herbal tea, while she drank some delicious coffee. We had one of those fabulous nights where we ate and walked our way through the East and West Village and talked for close to 7 hours.

I met Katy while traveling through Morocco a few months ago and was glad to have her visit. Many of my […read more…]

Moja Papieska Spiritualna Podrosz

Minelo kilka lat od czasu jak pisalam na temat papierza i o moich doznaniach, gdy uczestinczylam w pogrzebie Jana Pawla II. Mialam wiele okazji a zeby widziec naszego Ojca Swietego i witac go dwa razy osobiscie a kazdy z tych momentow byl wyjatkowy i specjalny dla mnie. Kazde spotkanie z nim dawalo mi odswiezajacy powiew w moim zyciu i w mojej potrzebie Boga. Tak wiec, kiedy Jan Pawel II umarl bylam poprostu z druzgotana. Nie przestawalam plakac i myslec jakze inny bedze swiat bez jego obecnosci. Nawet wiele miesiecy pozniej, oplakiwalam jego smierc razem z milionami innych ludzi.

W chwili obecniej, w moja dusze wstapila wielka nadzieja i radosc w momencie gdy zauwazylam szczegolny charizmat papieza Benedykta XVI, ktory jako nowy pasterz kosciola ma mnie prowadzic na drodze mojej wiary. Poczulam szczegolna wiez z tym papiezem. Sprawy, ktore dla mnie sa szczegolnie istotne to to, co ksztaltuje, okresla i czyni mnie bardzie stalym w mojej wierze. Moj wzrost jako polsko-amerykanskiej katolickiej dziewczyny odczuwalam zawsze jako trudny marsz pod prad. Zawsze stale walczylam aby bronic moich pogladow i tego kim jestem. Moje rodzice zawsze mowili mi, ze w moim zyciu nie raz zdazy mi sie byc przesladowanym za moja wiare. […read more…]

My Papal Journey

It has been a number of years since I last wrote about the Pope and my experience while attending Pope John Paul II’s funeral. I had the opportunity to see the PJPII on several occasions and greet him twice personally and each of those moments was exceptional and extremely personal to me. Each time I was blessed with seeing the Pope brought a breath of fresh air to my life and made me desire God more than I ever expected. So, naturally, when PJPII died, I was crushed. I couldn’t stop crying or thinking about how different the world would be without him. Even months after I was able to mourn his death with millions of people, I would think about him and begin to cry.

Now, my tears are replaced with hope and joy as I’ve discovered Pope Benedict XVI is the new Sheppard chosen to lead me on the path I was born to take. I found a kinship with Pope Benedict. The issues that I am passionate about, he helps shape, articulates and makes me more firm in my beliefs. Growing up as a Polish-American Catholic woman in the United States, I’ve always felt I’ve gone […read more…]

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