A Swimsuit for a New Mommy

Today is another example of why I love New York so much. It’s swimsuit season. Although I’ve already spent a week at the beach and (much to my chagrin) have been in a bathing suit already, I couldn’t help but think, I could stand to finally lose that baby pouch. It’s not exactly easy trying to lose weight when I don’t have a babysitter and we’re not letting the baby watch any TV until he’s at least 2 years old. So, those dance dvds are out of the question now. I rely on stroller walks…until it became 99 degrees outside.

So, yesterday, at around noon, near the Flatiron Building on 5th Avenue between 22 and 23rd, Sebastian and I came across the Miraclesuit Bus. I found the schedule online and went to Madison Square Park to find that bus, which was taking a tour around the city and giving out swimsuits to lucky ladies in many different locations. The good news—I’m one of the lucky ones!

This suit promises to make you look 10lbs lighter. Um, guess who needs that? THIS new mommy!

A bag was thrown down with a yellow sheet inside, allowing me to get a new […read more…]

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Sebastian and I made his daddy a special surprise for Father’s Day. I cut out a few letters to make a card and then had a series of photos of us taken together with a sign that said “We ♥ U Daddy”. Sebastian enjoyed holding and eating the card. Thank you to Uncle Bumper for taking these shots and thinking of making the ♥ stick out from the paper!

It was challenging to sneak putting them on the computer and then edit the photos, without Hubby seeing them. Then the bigger challenge was placing all the photos on each of his devices; however, I was able to do it at 6AM this morning when Sebastian woke up and Hubby slept in. I put them on his desktop, iPad, and phone. Then, I placed the card on his night stand.

The rest of the day was very leisurely. We went to a noon Mass, received a Father’s Day blessing, made a lovely lunch of chicken, zucchini and yellow squash. After Sebastian’s nap, we picnicked in the park with some blueberries, and took a walk, where we met a sweet kitty on a leash.

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ADaM and Evelyn

This weekend I helped out my friend, Alice Evelyn, by taking a series of photos for her non-profit, Contemporary American Dance Museum (ADaM). Of course, Sebastian came with me for the first series of shots. Like I always say, we are a package deal. She’s been working on this project for years and it was incredible to see this passion and commitment develop into reality. I have to admit that when I first met her years ago and she was describing her non-profit ambitions, I didn’t really fully understand what she wanted to do. I would hear words like “document” and “archive” and not know exactly how that would relate to dance. But, when I saw it all come together in the last year, it started making more sense and when I saw it in person, it was exceptional.

The Committee for the Contemporary American Dance Museum is a non-profit organization seeking to establish a museum, which will show fine art interpretations of the creative process of making dance. I know it sounds complicated, but in action, it is captivating.

So, here’s how it works. First, Alice Evelyn does a lot of magic behind the scenes and by magic, I […read more…]

I Love the Franciscan Friars.

Monks walking in The Way of the Cross 2012

Yes, it’s true. They’ve gotten me addicted. Five years ago, I was on a plane to St. Petersburg to trek over Russia, Mongolia and China on the Transiberian Railroad. When I was flying, I met a seminarian. I had just moved to NYC a few months before that and complained to him that there was nothing really Catholic about NYC, like there was about Chicago. In Chicago, I was involved in lots of great groups, retreats, Churches, etc.

This seminarian looked at me in shock. He said, there’s tons of stuff in NYC! Haven’t you heard of Catholic Underground and then he mentioned a bunch of other big things that exist. I was so excited. This was the perfect way to start the trip. Seriously, it’s worth your time to read this fantastic NYT article about the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, entitled “Monks Who Play Punk.” And, yes, they do. And, they play it awesomely.

I’ve talked about Catholic Underground here. And, I know I’ve done the Way of the Cross walk with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal before, but this time I had my son and my […read more…]

Bath Time after Disaster Strikes

Sebastian's First Sponge Bath at Home

The very next day after my parents left, I was alone and trying to figure out how to handle a baby and be able to do regular things, like have time for my own shower, time to get dressed, time to eat. Of course, that day, I was about to experience a very big lesson on bathing a baby after disaster strikes.

Sebastian was in his swing, as I was in the middle of getting dressed in the living room, while watching him. Then, he started crying. He no longer wanted to be left swinging, he wanted to be held. I wasn’t fully dressed yet, but I wanted to give him a cuddle. As I picked him up, I felt a greasy wetness everywhere. I looked at the swing and it was covered in poop. He had a blowout. If you aren’t familiar with the blowout, welcome to my world. It happens on a daily basis. As I write this, I think back to just a few hours ago where there was a triple blowout. No matter how quickly I catch a poop, the blowout happens. No matter what diapers I try, the […read more…]

Lessons from Three Months of Mommyhood

I can’t believe it’s been three months, since I had Sebastian. So much has happened over the three months and I couldn’t be happier and more exhausted. As a three month marker, I’ve decided to make a list of a 13 of the things I’ve learned so far as a new mama:

When Sebastian smiles at me, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. I’m not sure that anything can be sweeter. My heart thumps with joy and I believe anything is possible! Babies make a lot of noise when they sleep. They grunt, bark, sigh. You’d think this would be bothersome, but it’s not. Not only is it adorable, but it also gives me a sense of relief. When you share a room with your baby, you hear it all and it makes you feel calm every time because you know he is breathing. Your own baby is cute, even when he cries. Other people may not think so, but to you, it’s awesome. It’s his own language, so that’s how he speaks to me to let me know something is up, like he’s hungry, tired, wants a cuddle, etc. Cuddles in the morning are the best! Cuddles […read more…]

Travel with Baby

We were traveling during the Christmas and New Year’s week. I’ve always said that I would travel with a child and I am sticking to that promise. Just because you have a kid, doesn’t mean that life is over, as many people will have you believe. A child can open a lot of opportunities and have you travel in more and interesting ways. For instance, I’ve never done the drive from New York to Chicago, so we decided to do it to avoid mass transit until Sebastian is at least three months old. You can technically travel with a week old child; however, our pediatrician suggested that we wait until his immune system gets a lot stronger before taking him around large crowds of flu ridden people in airports and subways.

Gone are the days of carry-on bags, but on a car trip, that wasn’t something we would have to worry about anyway. If it weren’t for the fact that we were taking stuff for my parents, such as a comforter we are no longer using, an extra aerobed that we no longer need, dresses from my sister-in-law’s closet, we would only have our travel essentials.

So, here are some […read more…]

Merry Christmas!

No elves were harmed in the making of this photograph. Hope you have a Merry and a Blessed Christmas!!

The Aftermath

Warning: If you’re easily grossed out, avoid this post. And, though I go into detail about some of the happenings of labor, I want to emphasize that it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I feel so blessed to have had this experience. I think if a woman can, then go for it. I promise, there is nothing as incredible as what happens when you deliver that child and hold him in your arms. Check out my previous post entitled The Great Battle of Labor to read more about that.

There are some things that aren’t said to a woman that will happen in the process of giving birth and I wish I would have known some of this stuff. Or maybe it was good that I didn’t…!

There will be a lot of blood. Obviously, there is blood when you’re giving birth, but I’m talking about the blood afterward. It’s like a super heavy period that lasts for weeks. There will be swelling. Lots of swelling. In your nether regions. Sometimes there is tearing when that big beautiful baby’s head comes out of your vagina. There may be stitches. And, when the stitches are […read more…]

Twitter during Labor

Yep, I totally twittered during labor. When I couldn’t, Husband would tweet for me. Read below if you want to read a play by play.



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