Sea Kayaking

Anytime I’ve ever kayaked, I was not scared…until today. I’ve kayaked in the ocean, I’ve even kayaked with whales swimming close, but I’ve never had waves keep knocking me over. Luckily, my hubby was close by to rescue me each time!

I’m also not used to the Atlantic, since my family always went to the Gulf or the Caribbean to swim. With clear waters, you see what critters lay below and it’s not as scary as dark waters. The closer I was to leaving the shelter of beach under my feet, the more worried I was about the things I couldn’t see.

My brother-in-law did a much better job at staying afloat, so I caught a shot of him floating forward on a wave.

It definitely is good exercise to keep attempting to stay afloat!

Exercising in the Sun

I was determined to have a somewhat healthy day in the south, so after Mass, I started off the morning by cooking breakfast for Ray and myself.

I chopped up red and orange peppers and browned them on the pan for a few minutes.

Then, I mixed eggs in a bowl, with red crushed pepper, salt and pepper. I poured that mix into the pan and in a few minutes, I had a delicious breakfast ready for us, completed with a flamingo coffee cup!

I started the morning off with some exercises on the beach. I’m attempting to be able to do pushups daily now, so I did those in the water. It was refreshing to do them as the ocean water came over to make me feel a little less sweaty as I worked hard. I also did leg lifts, crunches and pelvic thrusts. It was Sunday, so I usually take Sunday off from major exercise anyway.

I had to do a jumping photo! I love this style of photography, since my fellow friend and photographer, Andrea, got me into the art. It makes you look like a leaping gazelle!

Breakfast: See above. Scrambled […read more…]

Hello, North Carolina.

I’ve been looking forward to a weekend on the beach and was very excited about this trip. My husband’s family rents a house in Holden Beach every year. This year, the house had a pool and elevator and an inverted floor plan, which made it the most beautiful house I’d seen on a beach thus far!

We started off the morning in the Presidents Club Lounge at the airport. Ray’s card was upgraded and with all the flying we do, it was a lovely change to start off the morning with no hassle to find comfortable chairs. It was also a plus to have free food and drink.

I can imagine that free wi-fi, office areas, showers and free bar will be useful on other trips!

The house was beautifully decorated and I love this new style of a beach house, where the second floor is the one with the kitchen and living room.

The second floor has the best view of the beach and ocean and it’s where everyone always hangs out.

The bedrooms are on the first floor and no one spends nearly the same amount of time there as they do in […read more…]

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