Airport Baby and the Fiasco that Ensued

It was Sebastian’s first time flying and my biggest worry was whether I could handle him on my own through security. I didn’t think of any other situations that could occur because I was so focused on just not carrying too much stuff and getting him safely through the airport. I was already pushing the envelope, taking an evening flight with a baby and flying for the first time with Baby and without Hubby.

Hubby drove me to the airport, since we were already in Jersey this past weekend. And, it was very sweet of him to insist on parking the car and pulling the large suitcase carrying the minimum amount of clothes that Sebastian and I needed and then all the other stuff that a baby needs or…the stuff that makes life easier. That included: diapers, wipes, a sun shade (for the beach), his hat, vitamins, the lion he sleeps with, two blankets, bathing toiletries, a towel, a few toys, teething items, nail clippers, his food processor (since I make all of his baby food), a travel crib, etc. Trust me, this is a different lifestyle for me. I can’t remember the last time I did anything but carry […read more…]

A Detour from the Scenic Route

We started our trip with the best intentions of taking the scenic route, but after laboring through only 150 miles in 7 hours (including 2 traversing the streets of Philadelphia), we retreated to I-95.

We had started on historic hwy 1 and then went to route 13. And, by the way, it wasn’t very scenic, but I’ll get to that later.

Luckily, Pio (sometimes, we call Sebastian by one of his middle names) was all smile most of those 7 hours. He’s definitely more aware of everything at seven and a half months and no longer sleeps the whole time on road trips. If I just give him eye contact, I usually get this:

As we were struggling to stay on Route 13 due to unmarked turns, we decided we should take a break when we saw green grass in Philly. I had made sure to bring our picnic blanket, so we laid it out and I fed Pio.

As we waited, a Segway tour passed us by, we checked our map, stretched out and checked in with our families that are meeting us in NC. This was the first time we were using […read more…]

On the Road Again

It’s road trip time and since we’ve had success with the baby before on road trips, we’re hoping this trip will be just as wonderful. I think Sebastian approves! Or…maybe he’ll give me one of these looks:

Hello Historic Route 1! It’s a scenic route from New York to Florida. We are just doing the New York to North Carolina part, almost to South Carolina and then we’ll spend the rest of the time in an ocean beach rental. I found a neat website that lets you find places to sleep and eat. For example, the Starlight Diner in Edison, NJ sounds like a blast to try (though, I might save that for another NJ trip, since it’s close to the in-laws and something fun to try with them.)

I’ll let you know how it goes! First stop, hrmm….good question…we will see where the road takes us…!

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

[…read more…]

Travel with Baby

We were traveling during the Christmas and New Year’s week. I’ve always said that I would travel with a child and I am sticking to that promise. Just because you have a kid, doesn’t mean that life is over, as many people will have you believe. A child can open a lot of opportunities and have you travel in more and interesting ways. For instance, I’ve never done the drive from New York to Chicago, so we decided to do it to avoid mass transit until Sebastian is at least three months old. You can technically travel with a week old child; however, our pediatrician suggested that we wait until his immune system gets a lot stronger before taking him around large crowds of flu ridden people in airports and subways.

Gone are the days of carry-on bags, but on a car trip, that wasn’t something we would have to worry about anyway. If it weren’t for the fact that we were taking stuff for my parents, such as a comforter we are no longer using, an extra aerobed that we no longer need, dresses from my sister-in-law’s closet, we would only have our travel essentials.

So, here are some […read more…]

Fun Christmas Card

A couple of people asked me if my photo was taken in a studio and I can proudly say that it was not. I give the credit to Husband’s father and my mother. We took our first trip out of state (to New Jersey) when Sebastian was only 3 weeks old. It happened to be a freakishly snowy weekend and right after this warm spell, a snowstorm hit the East Coast, with record breaking snowfall. I wanted to go outside for a photo. My mother reminded me that my sentiment was a little on the insane side when I was so protective in every other way of my son. So, she looked over in the dining room of my in-law’s home and there was this perfect window seat. Husband’s dad grabbed the camera and we took several photos. With the snow falling, it made for a great moment.

I went down in the basement to search for a funky hat for Husband, put on my red hat and scarf and got Sebastian dressed in his cute little owl hat. And voilà, a photo was made. I added it onto an ornament card, tied a red ribbon and there we have […read more…]

The Pretty Part of the Garden State

Just an hour and a half away from NYC, you can see the beautiful parts of New Jersey. Gorgeous roads, mountain, trees, trails, such a difference from all the nearby Jersey cities. If only all of New Jersey looked this way!

After a funeral and memorial service in Somerville (another cute town), we went back to Long Valley to hang out with family.

It was fun to take photos of the pups, so here’s a neat shot of “Peanut,” the cutest little weiner dog there is! Her real name is Rita, but she is tiny and looks like a little peanut. Apparently, she’s a naughty puppy that gets into trouble all the time, but I just can’t believe it!

Above, she is enjoying the day and sniffing the flowers.

Horror Housing in Jersey City

I had planned on going to a class with Green Smoothie Girl, but it was canceled due to inclement weather, so I went apartment hunting with a friend instead. I should have listened to my gut many times throughout the night, but I was also trying to be considerate of my friend.

To start, a worker from a management company was supposed to meet us at 4PM. When we called him, he told us that he would be two hours late. I was weary at this point, but still went along on this adventure. We decided to go eat and take our time getting to Journal Square in Jersey City. When we got there at 6PM, we contacted him and he said he would pick us up in an hour. At this point, I was very annoyed, but still was going along with this. Another girl, who lived in this area and recommended him, decided to take us to her apartment while we waited. Her apartment was really great, it was about a two block walk from the PATH train and we were hoping that the cost and apartment type would be similar. She was renting it for $700 […read more…]

Happy Mother's Day!

Today started off rocky. Our plans were interrupted by a dud car rental and it took us 5 hours to finally get to Long Valley, New Jersey.

But, after all of that craziness, we relaxed and enjoyed a really lovely lunch and time with family, thanks to Ray’s mom.

Ray’s sister, Christine, grilled up some fantastic hot dogs and burgers (some of which you can see below) and then after all her hard work, she got to hold a live hot dog.

We were able to do a few errands while out in the “country”. We went to Costco and replenished our refrigerator and finally picked up our framed paintings–we bought art in South Korea and had it custom framed in New Jersey (it is much less expensive than framing in New York City). Some of that art will be up in our “after” shot, when we get to repainting our room.

My sweet mother-in-law went out of her way to get us delicious free range eggs from a local chicken farm. I love how they come in all different colors and sizes depending on the chicken that laid them. One chicken laid a monster egg–the […read more…]

Shooting a Barn in New Jersey

Yesterday, I explored a neat part of New Jersey and took some shots of a barn. Here’s an HDR image I made of this barn that’s pretty cool.

New Jersey

Long Valley is like one of those quaint antique towns that you drive through saying, “one of these days, we should do a bed and breakfast there.” It’s one of those places you dream you could raise your kids, but you can’t grasp how people do it. Logic takes precedent and the overwhelming question is where do these people work?

I imagine if I were a sole attorney, my little office next to some antique shop called Mother Murphey’s, I’d be able to live in one of these place, but I don’t know if that is what I’m designed to do.

It’s so funny-I always thought of NJ like I think of the Bronx. Dirty crowded streets, the accent coming from the rough city life. So when I first heard from Ray about Long Valley, I kind of had to kick myself. I mean, I should know better. I mean I know how I feel whenever I go to another country and tell people that I live in Chicago and they respond: “Ooh Alcapone” and make machine gun noises.

But, Long Valley is different. Long Valley reminds me of every town that I love. It brings out the romantic and […read more…]