Itinerary and Happenings in the Mongolian Countryside

Day 1: Drive to Khustai Nuruu National Park, hike to find wild horses called Przevalskii and see the Natural Museum. Stay in a ger Camp.

Day 2: Go to Kharakhorum, explore the Erdere Zuu Monastary which is the first big Buddhist center, damaged in the 1930’s. Arrive in the ger camp.

Day 3: Explore Orkhon Waterfall, home of the yaks, go horseback riding around the area. Sleep in the same ger camp as day 2.

Day 4: Drive to the Elsen Tasarkhai Desert, hike, go camel riding. Stay in a desert nomadic ger.

Day 5: Drive back to Ulaan Baatar.

I am going to take portions out of my journal for this entry as I have little time to send this to Ray to post since I am currently in China and my blog site is being blocked. After all, who knows what my blog will incite the Chinese to do! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog after Ray arrives, but i will do my best to try to get around this. If not, I’ll update after Ray and I explore a few cities in China.

Day 1: When we arrived in the ger camp, Sharon […read more…]

Into the Desert and Mongolian Mountains

Well, this is a short one because I’m off to eat a traditional Mongolian dinner before I head to bed early to get some sleep before my five day excursion into the desert and the mountains. We’re going camel riding, horseback riding, seeing waterfalls, hiking through some mountains, seeing an old Buddhist Monastery and staying in traditional ger tents with the nomadic families. I’ll be without electricity and a shower for 5 days! I don’t think my camera battery charge will hold out more than one day, but hopefully someone else’s camera will survive and I’ll have some shots to put up!

Bribing for a Train Ride to Mongolia

Well, I ended up spending a little more time in Russia than anticipated, but not as much as I would have if I didn’t scream and bribe.

Imagine this: Thursday after we got back from Lake Baikal, Sharon and I checked our email and decided to separate to get to the train. She decided to walk part of the way and I had the bulk of the groceries (since we would be on the train for 2.5 days), so I was going to take the tram. Unfortunately, no tram came for over 35 minutes and I was past the point of worrying. By tram, I could be at the train station in 5-7 minutes and they were supposed to run every 10 minutes. After noticing the time ticking away, I started trying to furiously flag down any passing vehicle. Perhaps fortunately in many ways, no one would stop. Finally, the tram came at 20:55, only 10 minutes before I would miss the once a day train to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. I got to the station and booked it and then ran under a very long underpass, to the platform the screen said the train was on. I tried 4 […read more…]