Pope John Paul II Funeral

I write to you on my last day in Rome – I thought I’d share my thoughts about seeing the Pope and attending his funeral.

First of all, I have to say that this was one of the most fantastic and extremely fulfilling experiences of my life. I should start from the beginning.

As soon as I heard of the Holy Father’s death, I burst into tears and knew that I needed to attend the funeral. I’ve grown up with him, as many of us have, and although I don’t usually like to admit it, I definitely feel another affinity toward him because he is Polish, but more so because he is a Shepard, a descendant of St. Peter and a charismatic, wonderful Pope. My parents have seen the Pope many times in their lives and during mine while I was extremely young and then again during my teen and young adult years. He came to Poland in 1979 and gave my parents his blessing, while I was in the womb and thus,started my journey with the Pope. Again, we saw him while we lived in Nigeria and other times in our travels to Rome, St. Louis and Canada.

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