Girls Night In

Husband went to Florida for a week for an exciting metals and mining conference, so my friend Nancy came over for a little girls night. First, she helped me bathe the baby and hung out, while I nursed him and put him down.

We decided to make a yummy dinner together. We cooked pastured hot and spicy pork sausage and veggies. The sausages were boiled first, then we, and by we I mean Nancy, cut them up and dealt with the hot saucy water squirting out from them! We threw them in a frying pan with onion and garlic and then put red tomatoes, red peppers and spinach on top, added lots of red crushed peppers (both of us LURVE spicy foods and Sebastian must love them too, since he never complains about my breast milk) covered it up, made it sweat and in a few minutes, we had a complete meal.

Nancy very sweetly brought me the little gift they were giving away for Mother’s Day at Church, a heart pendant with a prayer and something I’ll definitely stick on a long chain. And, she brought me napkins with a K on them. I love […read more…]

Into the Windy City

Let’s be honest. Chicago is one of the best cities in the world, so when we had a chance to spend a week here on our road trip, I was thrilled.

On top of feeling at home in Chicago, we get to finally see many of our friends. Yesterday was one of those days where we had a chance to spend time introducing our newest family member. These trips are always too short. Even with a week, we can’t see everyone, so we tried our best to see friends who were geographically close to each other. Five of them happen to all live in the center of Chicago.

Our first stop, Jeanine & Scott’s home to meet Sebastian’s “brother,” Nicholas. Jeanine and I have been friends since law school and she’s like a big sister to me, even though she’s tinier than me. Since I got married 7 years ago, Jeanine has consistently asked me how soon I was going to get pregnant. My answer was always the same. I told her I would wait until she got pregnant. This past year, my wish came true! She got pregnant three weeks ahead of me. It was great to have […read more…]

In the Details

This past weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for a friend. She had never been to a bridal shower, nor is it part of our Polish culture or tradition. However, seeing as we live in the U.S., I informed her that I would give her a beautiful bridal shower!

At first, I thought that I would just have a regular party, invite all of her friends, and just have a bunch of food. But then, I decided to make it a little non-traditional for our non-traditional bride and groom. Because neither the bride nor the groom really cared about the bridal shower theme, I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I don’t need a theme!” After all, not having a theme would cut down on time and expense. However, I just couldn’t live with that and needed to have a shower with a little pizzazz.

I’m very into details, sometimes to a fault. Ok, a lot to a fault. Because I’m a visual person, I have to have visually appealing colors and textures around me or I become a little “ornery,” as Husband puts it. I’ve decided it’s not the worst habit in the world and I consider the party I […read more…]

B Cup and Katy

There are so many great coffee shops in NYC, but my favorite is B Cup on Ave B and 13th St. It just grabs my fancy, perhaps it’s because we’re so attracted to bright colors and you almost feel like you’re on the set of “Friends”, except it’s a little grungier and the people behind the counter are way friendlier and more interesting.

Almost every time I have a visitor, (which has been a lot lately) I tend to gravitate toward B Cup. Not only does it have delicious treats fit for everyone’s tastes, it is comfy, in a great location (Alphabet City) and near an area of the city I love photographing and walking around.

Mmmm…I’m craving an Israeli salad as I write about it. Thanks to my Canadian friend, Katy (pictured above) who accompanied me, I had my fill of decaf herbal tea, while she drank some delicious coffee. We had one of those fabulous nights where we ate and walked our way through the East and West Village and talked for close to 7 hours.

I met Katy while traveling through Morocco a few months ago and was glad to have her visit. Many of my […read more…]