Girls Night In

Husband went to Florida for a week for an exciting metals and mining conference, so my friend Nancy came over for a little girls night. First, she helped me bathe the baby and hung out, while I nursed him and put him down.

We decided to make a yummy dinner together. We cooked pastured hot and spicy pork sausage and veggies. The sausages were boiled first, then we, and by we I mean Nancy, cut them up and dealt with the hot saucy water squirting out from them! We threw them in a frying pan with onion and garlic and then put red tomatoes, red peppers and spinach on top, added lots of red crushed peppers (both of us LURVE spicy foods and Sebastian must love them too, since he never complains about my breast milk) covered it up, made it sweat and in a few minutes, we had a complete meal.

Nancy very sweetly brought me the little gift they were giving away for Mother’s Day at Church, a heart pendant with a prayer and something I’ll definitely stick on a long chain. And, she brought me napkins with a K on them. I love […read more…]

Grass-Fed Farming

Sebastian went out to visit his grandparents this weekend and then we all went out to an organic grass-fed farm, called Mini Mac. What a thrill for our little boy. I didn’t expect him to react the way he did when he saw goats on the farm. He just started giggling like crazy. I love being outdoors with the boy and he clearly responds well to yummy goats.

Mini Mac is a farm bought a few years ago by a husband and wife team, who just wanted to live off the land. Bill and Helen McLaughlin bought it for themselves, with no intention to sell any products, but soon people were leaving notes in their mailbox and leaving messages on their phone seeking a purchase of a half of a cow and grass-fed meat. Now, that the paleo lifestyle is becoming a popular way of life and people are becoming more concerned with knowing what they are truly eating, it only makes sense that the farm grew fast. The husband and wife team quickly learned how to do everything with their animals, eventually bought more, got into a co-op of farms and found a processing plant that met […read more…]

Saving a Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day. So when 5 o’clock (named the valium hour by mothers in the 60’s) rolled around, I couldn’t get out of the house, walk over by the river, and then to the butcher, in order to cook up a fresh dinner. This time of day got the name the valium hour, because you want to keep your kid up until a proper bedtime, but he is starting to get tired and cranky, and women used to take valium at this time to calm their nerves as they dealt with the crankiness. On top of that, we hardly had anything in the fridge, and I was holding off on a big Fresh Direct order since we are headed to Costco this weekend, so I didn’t know what to do for dinner.

Sebastian only slept for a half hour during the afternoon, and he wanted to either be held or be jumping all over me and wouldn’t let me cook. I eventually gave into him and just chased him all around the apartment or vice versa. We started playing a game about a week ago where he comes after me, climbs on me and tries to slobber me? […read more…]

Wintery Zupa!

I’ve had a lot of cookies over the holidays and beyond, which was fun, but not great for my body. Because I’m breastfeeding, Sebastian needs lots of healthy vitamins from me, so I needed to get back to eating less sugary goodness and more veggie yummies. So, I listened up when I got a recipe from my Aunt Fran for butternut squash soup. Just a few weeks ago, I had fun shooting photos of her gorgeous daughter, Morgan. Morgan has so many neat things in her room, it was fun to play with the props. I loved that everything was pink, right down to her pink Barbie Christmas tree.

Now, back to the healthy eating! Costco is currently selling cubed butternut squash. It’s easy to make it if you don’t have access to the cubed stuff. Just get a butternut squash and cut it in half and you can either bake it or microwave it to make it soft and grab the good inside stuff.

I used about a tablespoon of butter (though, you can use oil too) at the bottom of my big pot. While the butter was melting, I diced up an entire medium sized onion […read more…]

Close Call with Cayenne

When it’s 6am and I’m reaching for cinnamon to put in my oatmeal, it’s easy to confuse it with cayenne pepper. At least today it was–I got to the point of opening it and holding it over my oatmeal before I realized that it was a little bit of a deeper red color than cinnamon. Luckily, the error was caught in time before I ruined my breakfast. Or, maybe I would have made the greatest food discovery known to man…but I’m glad I didn’t check that out. I love spicy food, but not spicy oatmeal.

After I sprinkled my cinnamon and put in some raisins, I added chia seeds (70 calories for 2 tbsps). It’s such a great addition. Helps with the digestive tract and gives an additional texture to my food. There’s not much of a taste, but I like to add two tablespoons a day to some sort of meal I’m having, whether it be my cereal, my green smoothie or just as a snack with some milk. Trust me, it looks scarier than it is. Just mix it in and it looks like little fruit flies mixed into your breakfast, but it’s so healthy […read more…]

Fans of Kale

Well, since my first post about how kale is not my favorite thing in the world, I’ve gotten emails and tweets from my fans saying I should give kale another chance. In fact, one of my fans, Andrea Lam, emailed me an enhanced photo to that effect. Thank you, Andrea! I thought I’d post it. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress with kale–if anyone knows of any great recipes, let me know!

Making More than Smoothies

Raw foodist vegans don’t just eat smoothies. As you’ve seen during the week, I also made salads. Today, I made a Spinach Dip, with a full half of a lemon!

I discovered three things when I made it.

One, I need to learn to make dips a little less watery. Husband enjoyed the dip, but also commented on the consistency. Two, avocado and spinach are a really great combination. I was supposed to add ground cloves to it, but I couldn’t find any in my spice cabinet. Maybe the cloves would have made it even better. Three, a lot of vegans use lettuce leaves as a veggie to dip with–I never would have thought of that until I did this week long diet. I usually think of celery, brocolli, things like that, but not actual leaves. Believe it or not, lettuce leaves and tomatoes dipped in this Spinach dip is really fun.

I can’t believe I’ve done a week of this diet, minus cheating on Friday night. I noticed that when I ate the shake and fries on Friday, it didn’t feel as good as having this diet. It’s like my […read more…]

Back to the Greens

I was back to my Green Binge on Saturday. I made a few delicious items, but the one that is really worth mentioning was Robyn’s “What a Pear Smoothie,” which was light and refreshing. I think I’ll be making it again in the near future since I still have a few pears left!

I put pears, frozen bananas and water in my blender.

Then, after I put it on the food processor level, I added several stalks of celery. I didn’t use lemon this time, which made me wonder how it would taste, but it was brilliant nonetheless.

Cheating with Big Daddy

It was Friday night, friends were in town and I was good all day…until after we saw Fuerza Bruta. We went to Big Daddy’s Diner and I had something that was so bad for me, but so delicious that I don’t even feel any guilt. Earlier in the week, I watched my friends eat yummy things in front of me and I stayed true to my week long Green Binge plan. Finally, Friday night, I said it’s ok to cheat a little bit (when it comes to food, of course, nothing else!)

The name of the shake was “The Cookie Monster,” and I certainly can’t resist a great name for a fantastic product. Though it was in liquid (almost smoothie) form, it was neither green, nor vegan and raw. It was dairy goodness! Do you know that this diner has Shake Happy Hours?! I may have to come back for that.

I didn’t just have the shake, I also ate fries and chicken tenders. I noticed something. I couldn’t really eat the whole thing. Normally, when something is so delicious and fried up, I can just breath it all in and it’s gone! This time, […read more…]

Papaya on the Go

I love this little Nalgene Water Bottle that I can just pop into my bag whenever I need, so I don’t have to be forced into buying lunch. It only takes a tiny bit of planning to think ahead, prep and take my meal with me. These leak proof and indestructible bottles make it easy to take a delicious smoothie on the go. Now, if only the bottle could turn into a pair of comfortable, yet fashionable heels!

In my little to go bottle was a delicious papaya and parsley smoothie. I would never think to order that at a juice bar and was weary about making it, but it was just perfect. Papaya, banana and parsley make a winning combination.

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