Travel with Baby

We were traveling during the Christmas and New Year’s week. I’ve always said that I would travel with a child and I am sticking to that promise. Just because you have a kid, doesn’t mean that life is over, as many people will have you believe. A child can open a lot of opportunities and have you travel in more and interesting ways. For instance, I’ve never done the drive from New York to Chicago, so we decided to do it to avoid mass transit until Sebastian is at least three months old. You can technically travel with a week old child; however, our pediatrician suggested that we wait until his immune system gets a lot stronger before taking him around large crowds of flu ridden people in airports and subways.

Gone are the days of carry-on bags, but on a car trip, that wasn’t something we would have to worry about anyway. If it weren’t for the fact that we were taking stuff for my parents, such as a comforter we are no longer using, an extra aerobed that we no longer need, dresses from my sister-in-law’s closet, we would only have our travel essentials.

So, here are some […read more…]

Into the Windy City

Let’s be honest. Chicago is one of the best cities in the world, so when we had a chance to spend a week here on our road trip, I was thrilled.

On top of feeling at home in Chicago, we get to finally see many of our friends. Yesterday was one of those days where we had a chance to spend time introducing our newest family member. These trips are always too short. Even with a week, we can’t see everyone, so we tried our best to see friends who were geographically close to each other. Five of them happen to all live in the center of Chicago.

Our first stop, Jeanine & Scott’s home to meet Sebastian’s “brother,” Nicholas. Jeanine and I have been friends since law school and she’s like a big sister to me, even though she’s tinier than me. Since I got married 7 years ago, Jeanine has consistently asked me how soon I was going to get pregnant. My answer was always the same. I told her I would wait until she got pregnant. This past year, my wish came true! She got pregnant three weeks ahead of me. It was great to have […read more…]

Polish Christmas Eve

I love Christmas. I love everything about the season. I love the anticipation of the holiday right after Thanksgiving, the crisp air, the twinkling lights, people saying Merry Christmas, Christmas cards, red wine, Midnight Mass, the delicious food, family discussions, opłatek (a wafer used as part of the Polish Christmas tradition to give each other good wishes for the coming year), the extra plate set out for Jesus, red barszcz (red beet soup), the handmade ornaments, the smell of kompot (compote-a warm mulled fruit drink) the music and, well, just everything.

The fun part is going to the Polish stores and getting all the traditional food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There is no meat eaten on Christmas Eve. In fact, Poles fast on Christmas Eve until it becomes dark outside and you can see the first twinkling star.

You always have to have Karp (Carp). I really don’t like this specific fish, but it’s one of many fish out on the table, since you never have meat on Christmas Eve. A couple of years ago, I read how fishing for carp is a sport in England, and people spend a lot of time and money stocking up lakes […read more…]