Moments on the Beach

This trip has been so beautiful and relaxing. When I’m at the beach or see any massive body of water, I feel so peaceful. I feel like God is in everything.

Here are just some little moments out of the vacation that struck me.

Walks and Silliness on the Beach with the Baby:

My mom running ahead and then doing her moves on the beach.

Here’s an upclose move of hers, spinning the baby around on the beach.

Entertaining Sebastian by gathering seagulls and pretending we had food to give out. Notice the mysterious man appearing again and throwing up his arms to trick the seagulls. And his Auntie holding a naked Sebastian.

…and the seagulls finally appeared here.

The result!

Sitting on the beach and chatting with my mom-in-law and Aunt Suzanne.

Reading on the beach.

Watching Sebastian look up in my Dad’s eyes. Watching Sebastian play in the pool. Taking fun photos of my aunt near the dunes. Believe it or not, she is my aunt by marriage. Husband’s grandfather had her later in life. She’s my age. Eating yummy food outside on the deck. Spending time with […read more…]

A Little Bit of Kayaking

The mysterious man was on an ocean kayak.

I got nervous that he was lurking again…and then something happened.

He was so thankful to make it after that roll that he kissed the sand. Now, he’s ready to lurk and appear in random places again.

He just had to be shown the way to kayak on the ocean! Those waves didn’t get me down! Hahahahahaha!

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Naked Baby on the Beach

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Sebastian on the beach, as he sat au naturel on a mound of sand and looked up at the seagulls, flying above his head. It seems they were interested in some orange peels someone had left behind. This was the result:

Walks on a Beach

Another first for us—our stroller got a chance to ride on the beach, and it worked (as long as we avoided the deeper dry sand or very wet areas). There really is nothing like taking in the view and the sounds and the feel of the waves hitting your feet. I wanted to experience that, while taking my baby along too.

And that’s how we came to Ray carrying the stroller down from the house to the beach. We attached the summer kit, which has an umbrella, sunshade and a terry cloth back. This allows Sebastian to be nice and cool on hot days. He was overheating in the winter kit, so it was time for a change.

We got the stroller down and then Ray flipped the wheels to drag the stroller on the soft sand. We knew it would be easier once we hit the wet sand.

Even Uncle Brett came out to taunt us.

Of course, Hubby had to show off how challenging it was to push the stroller on the sand. Since, it was so difficult for him, I had to take over. Ha!

We came across a mysterious man on the beach.

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Baby on a Beach

It’s so great to get a beach tent for the baby, this way we can spend a number of hours on the beach with the baby. He still gets his Vitamin D and doesn’t need all the nasty chemicals! It’s so easy to set up because it instantly pops up.

Sebastian was amused by the beach, but stayed in the shade. I thought it would be very difficult to be with a baby at the beach, but it’s not bad at all, especially if there is a place we can seek shelter from the sun and a place nearby for his morning and afternoon naps. I have yet to try a day on the beach without a house nearby. I think it would be too tough for a little guy at this age in extreme heat (I certainly welcome suggestions on how this can be done if any of you have good methods!) I don’t think every day will be like today with him wanting to stay in one place!

With so much family around to keep him constantly entertained when we want to go swim or read, this is an extremely relaxing vacation.

A puppy […read more…]

Life at the Beach

The picture below is how Sebastian experienced his first view of a pool and the ocean. Yah. Can you believe it? I almost can’t believe I’m here. What a blessing to experience such beauty! This iPhone photo doesn’t even quite express how amazing it is here in Ocean Isle Beach.

The beach house we are in is one of those houses that you always see in magazines. There are two fridges, two dishwashers, a separate $1300 ice-maker (we know this because the designer happened to be at a wedding next door), 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, decks galore and a pool overlooking the beach.

Below is our bedroom. We have a king sized bed, which makes the family bed so comfortable and Sebastian can fully spread out, with his arms out, but yet, still touches both of us, which he always needs to do (what a cuddlebear!). The doors there lead to a deck with lounge chairs. In the morning, I grabbed a cup of tea and strawberries and sat on the deck, reading, while the baby napped in the room. When I write that, those same morning feelings come back to me. I loved just being able to hear […read more…]