On the Road Again

It’s road trip time and since we’ve had success with the baby before on road trips, we’re hoping this trip will be just as wonderful. I think Sebastian approves! Or…maybe he’ll give me one of these looks:

Hello Historic Route 1! It’s a scenic route from New York to Florida. We are just doing the New York to North Carolina part, almost to South Carolina and then we’ll spend the rest of the time in an ocean beach rental. I found a neat website that lets you find places to sleep and eat. For example, the Starlight Diner in Edison, NJ sounds like a blast to try (though, I might save that for another NJ trip, since it’s close to the in-laws and something fun to try with them.)

I’ll let you know how it goes! First stop, hrmm….good question…we will see where the road takes us…!

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

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Bath Time after Disaster Strikes

Sebastian's First Sponge Bath at Home

The very next day after my parents left, I was alone and trying to figure out how to handle a baby and be able to do regular things, like have time for my own shower, time to get dressed, time to eat. Of course, that day, I was about to experience a very big lesson on bathing a baby after disaster strikes.

Sebastian was in his swing, as I was in the middle of getting dressed in the living room, while watching him. Then, he started crying. He no longer wanted to be left swinging, he wanted to be held. I wasn’t fully dressed yet, but I wanted to give him a cuddle. As I picked him up, I felt a greasy wetness everywhere. I looked at the swing and it was covered in poop. He had a blowout. If you aren’t familiar with the blowout, welcome to my world. It happens on a daily basis. As I write this, I think back to just a few hours ago where there was a triple blowout. No matter how quickly I catch a poop, the blowout happens. No matter what diapers I try, the […read more…]

Merry Christmas!

No elves were harmed in the making of this photograph. Hope you have a Merry and a Blessed Christmas!!

Fun Christmas Card

A couple of people asked me if my photo was taken in a studio and I can proudly say that it was not. I give the credit to Husband’s father and my mother. We took our first trip out of state (to New Jersey) when Sebastian was only 3 weeks old. It happened to be a freakishly snowy weekend and right after this warm spell, a snowstorm hit the East Coast, with record breaking snowfall. I wanted to go outside for a photo. My mother reminded me that my sentiment was a little on the insane side when I was so protective in every other way of my son. So, she looked over in the dining room of my in-law’s home and there was this perfect window seat. Husband’s dad grabbed the camera and we took several photos. With the snow falling, it made for a great moment.

I went down in the basement to search for a funky hat for Husband, put on my red hat and scarf and got Sebastian dressed in his cute little owl hat. And voilà, a photo was made. I added it onto an ornament card, tied a red ribbon and there we have […read more…]

The Aftermath

Warning: If you’re easily grossed out, avoid this post. And, though I go into detail about some of the happenings of labor, I want to emphasize that it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I feel so blessed to have had this experience. I think if a woman can, then go for it. I promise, there is nothing as incredible as what happens when you deliver that child and hold him in your arms. Check out my previous post entitled The Great Battle of Labor to read more about that.

There are some things that aren’t said to a woman that will happen in the process of giving birth and I wish I would have known some of this stuff. Or maybe it was good that I didn’t…!

There will be a lot of blood. Obviously, there is blood when you’re giving birth, but I’m talking about the blood afterward. It’s like a super heavy period that lasts for weeks. There will be swelling. Lots of swelling. In your nether regions. Sometimes there is tearing when that big beautiful baby’s head comes out of your vagina. There may be stitches. And, when the stitches are […read more…]

Twitter during Labor

Yep, I totally twittered during labor. When I couldn’t, Husband would tweet for me. Read below if you want to read a play by play.



The Great Battle of Labor

Almost 40 hours and one intense, joyous moment later and I had a little baby laying skin to skin on my chest. Let me preface by saying that this was the most incredible experience of my life and thinking back to it makes me tear up with joy.

I woke up very suddenly in the morning after only 3 or 4 hours of sleep (partially due to playing some World of Warcraft through the late hours). I had already started maternity leave, so I could have easily slept in, but my guilt got the better of me and I decided to stay awake to get my checklist of to do’s crossed off. I kissed Hubby goodbye at 6am, took my pre-natal vitamins and started reading my RSS feeds while drinking my tea. Then it hit me–why was I up? I hadn’t gotten sleep all weekend and the entire summer had been extremely busy, so I could easily go to bed and allow myself some time to sleep in.

I left my half cup of tea, clicked the button on the speakers to shut them back off and went back to the bedroom. I looked forward to getting under my […read more…]

How to Make a Baby (in a minute or less)

Here’s my attempt to start my blog again with this informative instructional video I made on how to make a baby in a minute or less, using stop motion photography. Trust me, it works–I just had a baby!

Although I had meant to write a pregnancy blog all summer, it didn’t quite happen. But, I wrap it all up with my instructional video. Now, I hope to make this next chapter of my blog consistent, Travels with Mama Nika or Travels through Mommyhood. Ok, they are still working titles, perhaps you can all give me some ideas! I plan on going into all the fun nitty gritty stuff of being a new mama. So, if you’re interested, add me to your RSS feed or favorites.