Airport Baby and the Fiasco that Ensued

It was Sebastian’s first time flying and my biggest worry was whether I could handle him on my own through security. I didn’t think of any other situations that could occur because I was so focused on just not carrying too much stuff and getting him safely through the airport. I was already pushing the envelope, taking an evening flight with a baby and flying for the first time with Baby and without Hubby.

Hubby drove me to the airport, since we were already in Jersey this past weekend. And, it was very sweet of him to insist on parking the car and pulling the large suitcase carrying the minimum amount of clothes that Sebastian and I needed and then all the other stuff that a baby needs or…the stuff that makes life easier. That included: diapers, wipes, a sun shade (for the beach), his hat, vitamins, the lion he sleeps with, two blankets, bathing toiletries, a towel, a few toys, teething items, nail clippers, his food processor (since I make all of his baby food), a travel crib, etc. Trust me, this is a different lifestyle for me. I can’t remember the last time I did anything but carry […read more…]

4 Airports in 24 Hours

In 24 hours, I visited 4 airports. I started in LaGuardia,

went to O’hare,

then Amman

and my final destination, Beirut.

It’s a tiring task to fly this way, but when your ticket only costs $40, the cost of taxes on a miles ticket, you are willing to fly this way. Besides, I love exploring airports and finding ways to make my flight more entertaining.

Ray gave me some finger puppets (so I could show him what I’m up to as I travel without him), so I’ve taken photos on my iPhone at 4 different airports.

I loved my Royal Jordanian flight, despite the fact that their planes don’t have outlets to charge my iPad. The service was incredible and I kept meeting really interesting people on the flight. I went away with invitations to be shown around the city and invitations to meet their families. I might take someone up on that offer when im back to Jordan in a few days. Jordanians have to be then friendliest culture of people I’ve encountered. I’m so excited to be here, but first a night of well deserved sleep!

[…read more…]

Hello, North Carolina.

I’ve been looking forward to a weekend on the beach and was very excited about this trip. My husband’s family rents a house in Holden Beach every year. This year, the house had a pool and elevator and an inverted floor plan, which made it the most beautiful house I’d seen on a beach thus far!

We started off the morning in the Presidents Club Lounge at the airport. Ray’s card was upgraded and with all the flying we do, it was a lovely change to start off the morning with no hassle to find comfortable chairs. It was also a plus to have free food and drink.

I can imagine that free wi-fi, office areas, showers and free bar will be useful on other trips!

The house was beautifully decorated and I love this new style of a beach house, where the second floor is the one with the kitchen and living room.

The second floor has the best view of the beach and ocean and it’s where everyone always hangs out.

The bedrooms are on the first floor and no one spends nearly the same amount of time there as they do in […read more…]