Lunch for Breakfast and Vice Versa

I know that there are norms, but I don’t follow them when it comes to food.  I just never did and never will.  It’s a Polish tradition for a nice weekend breakfast to put out a tray of meats and cheeses, fruits and nuts and other goodies.  I love doing that.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating a “lunch” type meal for breakfast or vice versa.  You have to enjoy every minute of every blessing in life, so if you like to have breakfast in the evening or lunch in the morning, go for it!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Raisins and Cinnamon. Piece of Cheese with Cucumber. A few slices of orange and a few banana slices.

Lunch: Lite Laughing Cow Cheese with Homemade Wild Blueberry Jam (thanks Mom!) on a Slice of Toasted Rye Bread. My mom made the most delicious blueberry jam today.  I had these wild blueberries that I bought a few weeks ago, sitting in the freezer.  She grabbed those, threw in some cinnamon, a bit of honey and after a nice slow boil, I had a delicious homemade jam.  Mmmm!  Who says jam is just for breakfast?!

Dinner:  Salmon with Sweet Potatoes. After seeing Promises, Promises, I warmed up a plate.  It’s late, but I still say, a calorie is a calorie and not eating tonight would be worse for me than eating late at night.

BTW, I recommend the show.  It was really well done and a lot of fun.  Even Sean Hayes played the role well, despite overusing his verbrato in every song.  It definitely made me want to bring out some 60’s dance moves!

Working Out is a Pain in my Quad

One of those problem areas we women have surrounds our thigh area.  Oh, yah, you know what I’m talking about! Already, in the last week and a half, I’ve lost some inches around the thighs thanks to Marina‘s love for all exercises involving thigh work!

Today, we kneeled on our [redacted] and did these crazy balancing exercises while working our thighs.  I’ve had some excellent personal trainers before, but no one has ever made me balance myself while working my fat to death.  We did squats, we did jumps, we did glute and quad exercises for probably half the class.  I am so sore, but it’s a GOOD sore!

I’m hoping that by the end of these 90 days, my thighs won’t be rubbing together anymore.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Raisins and Cinnamon. Fruit. Tea with Lemon. Cinnamon has no calories and adds an immense amount of good flavor.

Lunch: Chicken and Gouda Cheese on Multi-grain Bread and Veggies. Delicious, easy to make and adds some color to your life!

Dinner: Red Salmon with Rice, Sugar Snap Peas, Lentils, Cauliflower and Broccoli. After we got back from seeing C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, I was cold and hungry, so I changed into warm pajamas, grabbed some chamomile tea and food and went to town!  I didn’t even wait to sit down and eat it at the table tonight.  I just ate it in the kitchen.

Drumroll, Please...!

First week down and I’m down 4.6lbs! Now, that I’ve kick started my body into weight-loss mode, I’m moving to the 1300-1500 calorie a day range.

Today, I didn’t walk as much as I had every other day because of the rain, but I still took a class and then ran to get to my final photography class and critique.  I will post the pics I displayed in class in a folder in Smugmug one of these days.

Because it was the last day of class, everyone brought in goodies.  Wines, cheeses, fruits, pretzels, wasabi peas and cupcakes were tempting me throughout the four hours of class.  I did have a mini glass of wine, ate a handful of wasabi peas, some strawberries and had a slice of cheese.  That was probably more calories than my usual snack between lunch and dinner, but it’s ok, I’ll work it off this week.

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with Banana. Mom took this pic of me cooking the oatmeal this morning when I woke up.  Pardon my appearance.

Lunch:  Chicken, Tomato and Onion Wrap. Wraps are so delicious and easy to make.  You can get wraps from Costco for great prices and they are low in calories.

My mom made a delicious little lunch too with a piece of multigrain Polish bread, brought here from Chicago, laughing cow cheese and homemade jam, cheese, tomatoes and dried fruit.

Dinner: Chicken and Gouda Sandwich with a Tomato. I was exhausted when I finally got home from class at around 10:45PM, so I just threw a sandwich in the toaster oven and sat down on the couch.  My favorite low calorie sandwich bread is Arnold’s Sandwich Thins, only 100 calories!  Mom was reading on the ipad next to me, and Ray snapped up a shot of both of us.

I ate my meal on the couch tonight and not at the dinner table.  It’s OK to do that too.  You can vary your location and still lose weight.  After a long day, I really just really wanted to sit and stretch my feet and catch up with Ray and his day before we went to bed.

A Day in the Studio

Today, I had to wake up extra early, which was a feat in and of itself, since I went to sleep around 3AM and it was pouring rain.  There is nothing like enjoying the rain, cuddling further into blankets and letting the pitter patter of the raindrops against the windows take you away into your dreams.

I woke up at 6:45AM on this Sunday morning, took a shower and luckily had the help of Ray who cooked a phenomenal breakfast for himself and my mom.  I just had very quick cereal because I was in a rush.  I knew I’d be away from my mom, who is visiting me this week, for a large part of the day, so I at least wanted to have a nice breakfast and tea together.

Breakfast: Apple Muesli and Skim Milk

Studio: At the studio, the first thing that happened is we were weighed and measured, although that information was kept from us!  I will tell you that on my home scale, it looks like I’ve lost around 5lbs.  I’ll know exactly how much I lost on Wednesday, according to their scales.

We had to get our hair and makeup fixed up before we went on camera and described our first week of exercise and diet.  I am still pumped about this whole thing.  I love having a schedule–that works so well for me.  Knowing that I need to eat three meals a day and two snacks, within specific calorie ranges really makes me motivated.  Now, that I’ve gotten through this first week, I feel like there’s no turning back.

I have to admit it is difficult to add something new to your life like this and it’s not just an hour of exercise a day, it’s also a total life style change because I have to eat differently and within calorie limits.  I’m trying to eat at home as much as possible and eat interesting things that don’t bore me. I think one thing that I’ve definitely learned is that you can eat really interesting and exciting foods, it’s just all about portioning it out appropriately.  As you’ve seen this week, I’ve had various pastas and carbs, but I still lost weight because I’m not eating for 3 people anymore.  As one of my fellow workout partners stated today, “Now that I know the portion of fish I should be eating, I realize that I was eating enough for a 6’4″ man.”

This week, I’ll be eating around 1200-1500 calories a day, but it’s still important for me to not just randomly eat stuff and if I do get take out, control it, put it on pretty plates and enjoy every bite.  I will try my absolute best to not fall when I’m asked out to go on social occasions and platters of food are placed in front of me.

Lunch:  Lentil, Tomato and Feta Wrap. The key with a wrap is to put it in the toaster oven for a few minutes.  I put mine in at 250 degrees for about 6 minutes and it tasted amazing warm and toasty, with the cheese melted. It’s also more enjoyable when I can read a good book while enjoying my delicious wrap!

Dinner:  Beef with Edamame and Various Veggies

One Week Down!

Mom and I took a long walk this morning for a couple of hours. We then ended up checking out a few stores, but didn’t find anything interesting and then walked over to Trader Joe’s to do some grocery shopping. We got some cheeses, nuts, strawberries and other goodies. I picked up some Ethiopian Fair Trade coffee for Ray. Mom also bought a beautiful tray of pastries as a gift for some of the classmates she went to meet today. She hasn’t seen them for almost 50 years, but a facebook type program, called “naszaklasa,” they found her and reconnected.

Brunch: We came back and made a very late brunch. Ray and I cooked up some eggs with bell peppers and put out a delicious tray of cheeses and fruits.  I had oatmeal with dried fruit, while Ray and my mother enjoyed all the other delicious things on the table.  Portion control is the key today!

Dinner: Vegetarian Lasagna, filled with cabbage and spinach. So delicious. I almost caved after this small portion, but decided to just have a few strawberries as a snack, which satisfied my craving. Well—somewhat satisfied it. I just have to keep thinking about the end goal!


I didn’t do a walkabout like John Locke does on the mysterious island of Lost nor did I have 30 knives in my bag, but Mom and I certainly walked all around town today and my bag contained snacks and water, along with a change of shoes and clothes.  My mom actually ended up doing more walking than me, since I had to run off and take a train to go to an appointment.

Even after we went to see Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps — a fantastic play which I recommend to everyone — we decided to walk the 2.5 miles home.  I changed my clothes in the bathroom and took off my flats to put on my walking shoes!

The photo above was taken right after we got out of the play. I love crowds and Times Square was buzzing this Friday night.

All in all, an excellent day — we had a lovely breakfast together, then walked, came back for lunch and walked some more.  Along the way, we saw some strange things, like a man on a spring shoes.  I think I’ve seen him before.  They were literally bounce shoes.  I found a video, so you could see what I saw:

Breakfast: French Toast, Turkey Bacon and Apples with Cinnamon. Cinnamon really adds to everything.  I loooove it in oatmeal.  I’m not a huge fan of bacon or French toast, but I’m always up for something new, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Lunch:  Stir Fry with Chicken. It was just broccoli, peas, cauliflower and chicken.

Snack Attack: A Bar with dried fruit and nuts.  My mom and I took a seat on Broadway and had our snacks and water.

Dinner: Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken and Veggies.  Although, I did a macro shot on this food, it really isn’t as big as it looks.  I’m still sticking with the salad plates for all my meals, even when I’m not at home, I throw a plate in my bag (maybe it’s a little insane to do that, but I am into presentation and really like to eat my food on pretty plates!)

Because I got home so late again tonight, I only had a few bites of food and saved the rest for another day.  I know the theory of a calorie is a calorie; however, sometimes I wonder if it’s a good idea to eat at night.  A little bit of that and the fact that I am not usually hungry this late at night dissuaded me from eating too much.

Only 85 Days to Go!

85 days!  That is…there are 85 days left!  Haha.  What is this craziness that I’ve started in my life and hope to accomplish in three months?

Exercise: My mom came with me to class to watch me sweat today.  She loved the whole thing, she even planned on reading the whole time, but loved the music and Marina‘s dancing and entertainment through the class that she couldn’t stop watching and smiling!  She also commented how everyone in the group is really nice and supportive.  I definitely agree with that sentiment.

Total Mileage today: Around 4 Miles.  After class, we walked to the theatre to see a show and stopped along the way to eat a snack and have a chat.  I LOVE that my mom is visiting and I have her for the next 7 days.  All that’s missing is my dad.

Dinner:  Today is a pasta day.  Tonight, I had Chicken Gorgonzola Pasta with Walnuts.  I didn’t love it and by the time we got home from the theatre it was past 10, so I didn’t really feel like eating a lot.  I had a few bites, grabbed some water, took my evening vitamins and brushed my teeth.  I’m done for the evening!  All these sleepless nights and adding this whole new thing to my schedule is definitely a lot…but hey…I’m on Day 5.  Only 85 days to go…

Family in Town, but I'm Sticking to It

I’m very excited because my mom came in town this afternoon!  I know things get tricky when people come to visit, but I’m sticking to my plan!  Even though it’s going to be even busier with family in town, I will have to eat my minimum calories and I can still have fun doing it.  My mother is an amazing cook–she can whip a phenomenal meal in minutes.  I’m excited because she just read the book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” by Mireille Guilano and she said she’s been playing around with the recipes from the book, so it’ll be great to see her in action.

Breakfast: Yoghurt with Melon and Grapes, Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin and Lemon Tetley Tea. I was so full after this the yoghurt and fruit that I couldn’t even eat the poppy seed muffin.  I will save it for later!

Lunch with Mom: I had three cheese baked ziti with tomatoes and had saved that muffin from this morning and Mom had rice, chicken and veggies.  She’s trying to be low calorie too, but isn’t into pasta as much as I am.  I waited for her outside my apartment this afternoon–her flight was on time, but she was late because President Obama came to town to yell at all the Wall Streeters, so traffic was awful.  Then we came home and got our food together, made our teas (Mom likes tea with milk and I had my Tetley with lemon) and started catching up.  So good to have Mom in town, I haven’t seen her since Christmas!

Exercise: Tonight, I’m exercising again with MARINA in Times Square and then I have to change and meet my mom and walk down to Bleeker Street.  Yes, she’s a walker too!  We’ve got plans to see The Common Air. I’m trying to decide whether to bring food with me or eat after the show.  I feel it’s necessary to take a pretty picture for the blog, so I’ll figure it out and post later!

Yummy Deliciousness

Breakfast:  A little breakfast bake with broccoli, cheddar cheese and tomatoes. Of course, I spiced it up with my 0 calorie Chinese chili paste!

I had to eat something a little smaller for breakfast because I ate a little later than I expected to due to early morning work that was time critical.  I’m going to have a little trouble, timing wise, with spacing out meals and snacks appropriately on this busy day, so I knew that I had to eat something smaller.  I immediately assumed that would make me feel hungry, but it’s interesting—I’m finding that my stomach must be shrinking already and getting used to the smaller portions because I felt quite full after this little egg concoction!

Lunch: Meatball Sandwich and Tomatoes

Exercise: Another challenging group workout, 2.5 miles walking, and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Dinner: Fishy salmon, potatoes (!!) and brocoli.

And now…the fatigue has hit.  These 5 hours of sleep aren’t helping my new healthy kick, so I need to figure that part of my life out ASAP!

Today's the Day. Nothing Can Stand in the Way!

I’ve moved to day 4 of 90.  Before I had decided to take on this endeavor, I had been restricting my eating because of Lent.  So, as soon as Easter hit, I started going crazy with my eating — I decided to give myself those couple of weeks to eat everything I wanted to eat, even things that I’ve never tried, but was told I “had to try!”

I tried things like delicious cupcakes from Billy’s BakeryJackson Hole‘s burger and steak fries (best burger I’ve ever had btw) and so many noodles at MomoFuku that I thought I would pop. I think between Easter and April 18th, I ate every black and white cookie in Manhattan.  Maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the world because I gained about 5lbs in about two weeks.

It’s so easy to gain weight, but so hard to lose it!

Some Commentary on Falling Off the Wagon: I haven’t done it just yet, but it’s so easy to fall from a diet/new lifestyle change and I’m constantly tempted, even by things that I don’t normally find tempting.  I think we’ve all been there, where we tried to live a healthy life style or tried a fad diet and failed.  We’ve been at the grocery store, hungry and grabbed that chocolate bar that we didn’t need or gotten a bag of cookies from a bakery.  We’ve filled our plates to the max or eaten the entire tray of Thai takeout, instead of portioning it out.

Yesterday, I got some fabulous advice from MARINA about getting off track.  She said, “If you blow it by getting off track, then get back on track the NEXT MOMENT.”  She went on to explain that we shouldn’t blow our good track by eating more garbage and saying, “Oh, I’ll diet tomorrow.”  No! Get on track right away.

If you mess up, tell yourself, it’s ok, forgive yourself and move on.  Messing up doesn’t destroy all your work.

Music that Keeps Me Moving: I’ve been listening to this fantastic song by MARINA every morning to motivate myself. The song is called, “Today I Believe!” It’s a great song for walking or running and pumps me up.  The beat and the words will make you feel AWESOME.  Today IS the day to get on track and nothing can stand in your way!

Click here to listen to the song: Today I Believe!

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