Welcome to my site! I started a version of this blog in 2002 to write about my experiences in Central and East Africa and to inform my parents who were very worried about me traveling alone throughout Africa for three months.  My last post was in 2004 regarding Pope John Paul II’s funeral before I took another big break from writing.  Since then I attempted to write about every travel experience I had, but it didn’t always work out as I had hoped and large gaps flowed, even when I traveled.  I am trying to change that now.  I’ve gotten really interested in photography over the last few years and I’ve traveled to over 70 countries in my 30 years, so I hope you enjoy my photos and thoughts.  I am trying to focus again by writing about how one can be a local tourist in their own country or city, trying to showcase my own photographs and travel books and writing about lots of other things that interest me.  Look for more to come!