Stuck to You like Glue

Today is our 8th anniversary. I almost can’t believe that eight years have flown by. I was thinking about how we’ve surpassed a lot of the odds and have stayed together. So, here’s a list that enhances our marriage:

  1. We make up little word games and play them throughout the day. Just this morning, we started one. It started like this: I got a text from my hubby, saying “Happy Anniversary.” I responded, “Happy Anniversary! Seems like I’m stuck like glue to you!” And, then, it continued. He said, “Like Nutella and Toast” (I have a nutella addiction. And each of the comments had little inside jokes or some sort of reference to something about us). “Like Squirrels to a tree,” “A camera to an fstop!” “Like us to Lost Cities” “Like Northern Lights to Iceland” “Like the Moon and Earth”.
  2. Everything is a date for us. Sleeping in –yah, that’s a date! Cooking together is a date, cleaning is a date! Taking a 7am morning walk with our son–oh, yes, date, especially when coffee (for hubby) and tea (for me) is involved.
  3. We do our alone time together. Let’s face it. We’re in NYC and live in a 1BR apartment. So, if Hubby wants to listen to a podcast and I want to read on my kindle, we do it in the same room. And, you know what? It is so awesome. I love that I can cuddle up to him, but we’re still taking time to do something that entertains each of us.
  4. Our issues, our problem. We keep our problems private. I learned early on in our relationship that if you share a lot about a problem you’re having with a friend or family, your other half becomes the bad guy, when you’re already over it. No need to prejudice people against your spouse because that can poison your thoughts later on if you’re over something and it comes up again.
  5. Sometimes making up means just saying sorry through a song.┬áSometimes, we say it in person, sometimes, a quick SMS. But, the best is through song. One time, when Hubby was sorry about something he sent a Joe Firstman song, called “The One that Makes you Happy.” The fight immediately ended. It meant everything. Music is so powerful.
  6. Some of our hobbies overlap. We both love certain things or one of us has gotten the other really interested in something. No, I’ll never adore Led Zeppelin like he does, but we both love photography. We both can listen to tech podcasts and laugh at things Merlin Mann says or go to conferences on making apps.
  7. We love to travel together. Travel makes for great memories. It makes us have crazy stories and super awesome inside jokes. And, we can share our joy for photography at the same time.
  8. We pray together. It’s just the norm for us. And, now, Sebastian has joined us. It’s mostly talking to God and then some of our standard prayers to conclude it. We do this daily and on our roadtrips. We also go to Church together and make sure we’re there every Sunday.
  9. Silliness is OK. We do silly dances, and I pretend to think Hubby looks geeky or make up words like lurfles (love) and sneep (sneeze + pee=used a lot while I was pregnant). Jumping up and down behind each other to entertain our son is just part of our understanding. Ha, ha. Looking at hilarious youtube videos or sharing funny tweets is definitely part of the repertoire.
  10. We whisper under the covers. We seem to resolve a lot of things when we’re cuddled together, whispering so that the baby doesn’t wake up. And before a baby, we still would chat in bed. Something about the darkness, with no computers/phones/ipads distracting us, makes us have some of the most wonderful conversations.
  11. We send picture and video updates. Thank you, iphone! If I see something really odd on the NYC street or something cute that Sebastian does.
  12. Boardgames. Lots of Boardgames. For a while, we relied on trying to find people to play them with us, but then we discovered there were a lot of great two player games like Lost Cities and Power Grid and the Settlers of Catan card game. (We just learned Dominion last weekend).



Happy Anniversary Dominika & Ray! Our 8th is coming up too in November.