Pick Your Own Fruit

I always look forward to picking fruit in the summer. In New York, it’s currently cherry and strawberry season. So, this weekend, we took Sebastian on a trip to Lawrence Farms to pick some fruit and veggies.

First, we grabbed a bucket and a cardboard bin. Cherries get plastic buckets and the strawberries get the cardboard (strawberries don’t like plastic). You can always grab a wagon, but we had our stroller and didn’t need to take one of those. I think that will be fun for Sebastian to ride in a wagon…maybe next time!

Then, after all of that, we needed a break from the hard work of getting bins and had to try one of their world renowned donuts. Ok, maybe no one outside of New York has heard of these…but…boy, they were good! If they weren’t behind that glass case, I would have gobbled down all of them!

While we were snacking, the biggest dog I have ever seen walked past us several times. Lots of people were coming up to pet him, but I was on high alert because he was taller than me. He didn’t mind being pet and pretty much ignored everyone, only looking for food bits on the ground. A lot of children touched him, but I certainly didn’t want Sebastian attempting to pet him or grab him. I’ve heard of one too many stories with dogs and babies. I’m always a bit nervous when any animal is around my little boy. In one second, everything can change and I know that we can’t always control everything, so why not control the things we can?

We started with the cherry picking. There were some rules to follow. My favorite was that you could be charged for excessive eating. I can just imagine someone walking around and checking how much everyone is tasting. That’s the whole fun of picking fruit, you HAVE to eat it!

Sebastian particularly enjoyed the cherries. He wanted to hold them, eat them, grapple them, look at them, whatever we would let him do. I would just give him half pieces of cherries and throw out the pit and he just couldn’t get enough. I’m starting to think he likes the sweet and tart, like his mommy does!


He giggled, as he watched Daddy climb in the cherry trees to get him the ripest cherries.

After we had our fill of cherries, we moved on to strawberries and finally, hit up the greens to get our lettuce and kale. There are very few strawberries because the frost damaged a lot of them, but when you taste tiny strawberries, warm with the sun, it is the sweetest, most wonderful taste.

We took shifts picking strawberries, so Sebastian could crawl around. I know I’ve mentioned it already, but just thinking about the sun warming up a fresh strawberry makes my mouth water.

He loved crawling around in the grass, throwing his arms up, trying to pick the “flowers” or weeds.


And, of course, he had to practice his walking among the strawberry fields!

I can’t wait for peach season to begin!