Peter Pan in the Woods

We went to see Peter Pan, a two-man performance for children at the Discovery Center. Because the wind was strong, the show was moved from the outdoor amphitheater to a Lodge. As the kids were excitedly waiting for the show to begin, and Aidan (my nephew) volunteered to act in the show, I was taking some photos.

When the show began, two actors came out, one was named Kenny and the other, Colleen. I was in shock when I looked up. It’s Colleen! Wait, is it Colleen? Is it possible that this could be Colleen? She was dressed up in a Peter Pan outfit, so I wasn’t 100% sure.

She was from Alaska, I was from New York, and here we were in the middle of the Northern Woods of Wisconsin and there stood someone I knew! We had just traveled together in Croatia and Montenegro a year ago. She had been to my wedding 8 years ago. She is the sister of one of my closest friends, Cara (who, I might add, I miss a lot and lives in Germany). Here she stood in a random park, in a random place and the two of us somehow ended up in the same place.

I asked her a bit about how the show worked and how she got her job–it was so interesting! She saw an ad from the Traveling Lantern Theatre Company. They send two boxes, filled with the costumes, the script and the props. After you memorize the script, they send a director out for 10 hours, 2 days @5 hours a day. Then they get sent to a specific region. Colleen was sent to Wisconsin to hit the library circuit. I thought it was a neat concept.

It just shows you how small the world is–we can even be found in the least expected places!