Moments on the Beach

This trip has been so beautiful and relaxing. When I’m at the beach or see any massive body of water, I feel so peaceful. I feel like God is in everything.

Here are just some little moments out of the vacation that struck me.

Walks and Silliness on the Beach with the Baby:

My mom running ahead and then doing her moves on the beach.

Here’s an upclose move of hers, spinning the baby around on the beach.

Entertaining Sebastian by gathering seagulls and pretending we had food to give out. Notice the mysterious man appearing again and throwing up his arms to trick the seagulls. And his Auntie holding a naked Sebastian.

…and the seagulls finally appeared here.

The result!

Sitting on the beach and chatting with my mom-in-law and Aunt Suzanne.

Reading on the beach.

Watching Sebastian look up in my Dad’s eyes.
Watching Sebastian play in the pool.
Taking fun photos of my aunt near the dunes. Believe it or not, she is my aunt by marriage. Husband’s grandfather had her later in life. She’s my age.
Eating yummy food outside on the deck.
Spending time with my husband and baby and some of Sebastian’s aunts, uncles and both sets of grandparents.
Enjoying sunsets on the beach.
Finding shells and exploring the beach.
All in all, a perfect vacay.