Happy Daddy’s Day!

Sebastian and I made his daddy a special surprise for Father’s Day. I cut out a few letters to make a card and then had a series of photos of us taken together with a sign that said “We ♥ U Daddy”. Sebastian enjoyed holding and eating the card. Thank you to Uncle Bumper for taking these shots and thinking of making the ♥ stick out from the paper!

It was challenging to sneak putting them on the computer and then edit the photos, without Hubby seeing them. Then the bigger challenge was placing all the photos on each of his devices; however, I was able to do it at 6AM this morning when Sebastian woke up and Hubby slept in. I put them on his desktop, iPad, and phone. Then, I placed the card on his night stand.

The rest of the day was very leisurely. We went to a noon Mass, received a Father’s Day blessing, made a lovely lunch of chicken, zucchini and yellow squash. After Sebastian’s nap, we picnicked in the park with some blueberries, and took a walk, where we met a sweet kitty on a leash.