Boating in the North Woods

Every day, we’ve been getting on the boat, at least for a few hours. The family has either been exploring the connecting lakes, geocaching on islands only available by boat, swimming, fishing or just resting on the boat.

The cabin abuts Rest Lake, the water is so clean, you could just dip a cup into it and drink from it, similar to the Boundary Waters in Canada (Ok, maybe those are cleaner, since boats are generally not allowed there).

There are little cabins along the lakes, which are great to look at and dream about, some are tiny and look like they were built in the 70’s and others are pristine and new. I wonder if I could leave my city life and live a simple life in the woods, just enjoying the water, the smells of the trees and eating fresh fish on a regular basis.

The doggie enjoys the boat so much that because of all the excitement, her tail got swollen.

Sebastian loves all the attention from his cousins.

They walk him around and he babbles more than he ever did, telling them, no, he doesn’t want to go that way or to be held or to sit or yes, he wants to keep walking. Its impressive, even though he can’t talk, his gestures clearly convey what he wants.

Here’s a picture of my brother’s mother-in-law, Chris, who is clearly an expert fisherwoman. She caught the only fish on the first night of fishing, a small mouth bass.

And, if we’re back by the cabin, we have a lot of fun swimming…and the girls have a great time jumping off the dock.

Well, I’m off to sit out with Sebastian by theĀ campfire, so this one is short for tonight!