A Swimsuit for a New Mommy

Today is another example of why I love New York so much. It’s swimsuit season. Although I’ve already spent a week at the beach and (much to my chagrin) have been in a bathing suit already, I couldn’t help but think, I could stand to finally lose that baby pouch. It’s not exactly easy trying to lose weight when I don’t have a babysitter and we’re not letting the baby watch any TV until he’s at least 2 years old. So, those dance dvds are out of the question now. I rely on stroller walks…until it became 99 degrees outside.

So, yesterday, at around noon, near the Flatiron Building on 5th Avenue between 22 and 23rd, Sebastian and I came across the Miraclesuit Bus. I found the schedule online and went to Madison Square Park to find that bus, which was taking a tour around the city and giving out swimsuits to lucky ladies in many different locations. The good news—I’m one of the lucky ones!

This suit promises to make you look 10lbs lighter. Um, guess who needs that? THIS new mommy!

A bag was thrown down with a yellow sheet inside, allowing me to get a new suit. The bag also contained an ENORMOUS pair of flip flops (LOL!). I was thrilled, more about the free bathing suit than the flip flops, which were big enough for my husband’s feet!

I found my friend, Donnell Adler modeling a suit, looking glamorous, as always. (I have to add that while she was holding the baby at one point, a guy on the street leaned over and said, “I wish I was that baby!”) Below, she modeled with the baby and the stroller. Perfect example of the look a new mommy could be wearing, while she strolls down a beach…or Fifth Avenue!

I also met supermodel Roshumba Williams, who, by the way, was incredibly well spoken and sweet (so, all you supermodel haters, stop it!). Sebastian, being the ladies man he is, loved her to pieces and kept staring at her.

I can’t wait to see the effect of this new slimming bathing suit, so I can be a more confident mommy!