You Know You’re a Mommy When…

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve made a fun list from my experiences thus far as a mommy…

You Know You’re a Mommy When….

  1. When you constantly sing songs to your baby describing everything you’re doing.
  2. You spend an inordinate amount of time praying for sleep and bargaining with God for another minute of rest.
  3. Your iPhone runs out of storage space all the time because of all the videos and photos you make of your child.
  4. You have mastered doing everything with the use of only one hand.
  5. You have an unending supply of toys, teethers and snacks in your purse to distract your baby.
  6. You can’t go to the bathroom alone.
  7. You give up going out at 10PM for a night in with pj’s, a sleepy baby and a cuddly hubby.
  8. You rock whenever you are standing, even though there isn’t a baby in your arms.
  9. You miss your child when they are asleep.
  10. The news of anyone’s child in pain brings you a lot of sadness.
  11. Your lingerie collections now consists of exercise and nursing bras.
  12. You lift your baby up to smell his bottom to see if there is a diaper change needed.
  13. You can take a shower, brush your teeth and get dressed in under 10 min.
  14. You rarely get to your meal while it’s still hot.
  15. Your shirt is wet and you haven’t spilled anything on it.
  16. Your baby’s giggles causes you to erupt into giggles.
  17. If you have ever had anyone ask you “What’s that sound?” while you’re on the phone and it’s your breast pump.
  18. When dinner is done in several phases between making sure your baby is not getting into anything and not crying.
  19. Your once very organized email inbox now contains hundreds of emails you have yet to deal with and your emails keep including the line, “Sorry about my delay.”
  20. Everything you do revolves around nap and feeding schedules.
  21. You use the excuse, “I have a sleeping baby, don’t call my house,” with telemarketers.
  22. You can talk on the phone, type an email and breastfeed all at the same time.
  23. Hearing your child say, “amama,” makes you so jump with joy, even though it’s probably only babble this early on.
  24. When getting four hours of interrupted sleep is a good day.
  25. Walks always involve a stroller.

If you have any to add, I’d love to hear them!