Walks on a Beach

Another first for us—our stroller got a chance to ride on the beach, and it worked (as long as we avoided the deeper dry sand or very wet areas). There really is nothing like taking in the view and the sounds and the feel of the waves hitting your feet. I wanted to experience that, while taking my baby along too.

And that’s how we came to Ray carrying the stroller down from the house to the beach. We attached the summer kit, which has an umbrella, sunshade and a terry cloth back. This allows Sebastian to be nice and cool on hot days. He was overheating in the winter kit, so it was time for a change.

We got the stroller down and then Ray flipped the wheels to drag the stroller on the soft sand. We knew it would be easier once we hit the wet sand.

Even Uncle Brett came out to taunt us.

Of course, Hubby had to show off how challenging it was to push the stroller on the sand. Since, it was so difficult for him, I had to take over. Ha!

We came across a mysterious man on the beach.

Then, that same mysterious man was standing by the pier. Oh, what was that man thinking???

I took the necessary toe photo!

My mom ran from left to right keeping the baby giggling, as she appeared and disappeared behind Hubby.

Most people left after Memorial Day, so the beach was fairly empty. The evening was beautiful, and we had a great time on the beach with our little one.


What will the mysterious man do next?


I love this trip! I'm thinking of going to the Outer Banks in July and I'm hoping it's just like this!