Saving a Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day. So when 5 o’clock (named the valium hour by mothers in the 60’s) rolled around, I couldn’t get out of the house, walk over by the river, and then to the butcher, in order to cook up a fresh dinner. This time of day got the name the valium hour, because you want to keep your kid up until a proper bedtime, but he is starting to get tired and cranky, and women used to take valium at this time to calm their nerves as they dealt with the crankiness. On top of that, we hardly had anything in the fridge, and I was holding off on a big Fresh Direct order since we are headed to Costco this weekend, so I didn’t know what to do for dinner.

Sebastian only slept for a half hour during the afternoon, and he wanted to either be held or be jumping all over me and wouldn’t let me cook. I eventually gave into him and just chased him all around the apartment or vice versa. We started playing a game about a week ago where he comes after me, climbs on me and tries to slobber me? bite me? kiss me? I’m not really sure what it is, it’s an open mouthed burrow into me. He still has no teeth, so I don’t know if it’s a bite. I crawl away and he comes to me with a big smile. I was keeping him awake until his daddy came home, so I played with him as long as I could and then I gave him a bath, rubbed him and fed him. When his daddy came home at 7:30PM, he got a quick cuddle and kiss and was put to bed. At that point, I had to think quickly because the grumbles in my belly could turn into me ordering off of Seamless and overeating.

So, I assessed the situation. Husband pointed out that we had thawed our frozen ground beef. Since we’re trying to eat high quality meats, we buy local grass fed beef. This particular one came from Fresh Direct, but we also purchase meat from Mini Mac farms and U.S. Wellness Meats.

I remembered my Mom’s good friend, Mary, had told me I need to try using curry in my foods, so we mixed the ground beef with the curry powder, dried onion, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. The beef itself has enough fat, and there was a bit of coconut oil left in the cast iron pan, so I didn’t need to put any olive oil or coconut oil in the pan. After making little round patties, we fried them up. Ray likes his rare and I like mine well done, so we had a few that were differently timed. The curry made this burger SO tasty, and I highly recommend trying that out.

There needed to be some sort of veggie with the burgers, so I found red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and spinach, which would definitely go bad if I didn’t use them by this weekend. I cut up and fried the the peppers in the same cast iron pan, so the juices from the beef would flavor the veggies nicely. I popped in the cherry tomatoes and lastly, the spinach. A little salt & pepper and a few patient minutes later, we had a complete meal.

The result was fantastic. I was so proud of myself for being able to cook up an experimental meal–I’m usually a by the books kinda girl when it comes to cooking. I never used to understand my parents when they would say, “just feel it out,” or “a pinch of salt,” or “around a cup or so.” It would overwhelm me, but now I notice I say the same stuff! We played a 2 player game called Lost Cities over dinner, while we ate our very healthy meal.

And for dessert….a ripe pineapple!! Mniam, Mniam!



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