Life at the Beach

The picture below is how Sebastian experienced his first view of a pool and the ocean. Yah. Can you believe it? I almost can’t believe I’m here. What a blessing to experience such beauty! This iPhone photo doesn’t even quite express how amazing it is here in Ocean Isle Beach.20120528-105737.jpg

The beach house we are in is one of those houses that you always see in magazines. There are two fridges, two dishwashers, a separate $1300 ice-maker (we know this because the designer happened to be at a wedding next door), 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, decks galore and a pool overlooking the beach.


Below is our bedroom. We have a king sized bed, which makes the family bed so comfortable and Sebastian can fully spread out, with his arms out, but yet, still touches both of us, which he always needs to do (what a cuddlebear!). The doors there lead to a deck with lounge chairs. In the morning, I grabbed a cup of tea and strawberries and sat on the deck, reading, while the baby napped in the room. When I write that, those same morning feelings come back to me. I loved just being able to hear the ocean, feel that strong breeze on me and read an interesting psychology book on the brain.


The dining room table has room for a big family.


We played a really fun board game in the living room area last night, called Headbanz. Everyone had head bands with cards on their foreheads and we had to ask questions to guess what was on on our heads. For example, my cousin, Kathy had the word, “Farm” on her head. She asked questions like, “Do I contain cats?” “Do cats breed in me?” and Ray answered, “There is animal husbandry performed on me.” She finally figured it out after a few rounds, when there were large buildings on her, sometimes businesses and there were fields on her. We were laughing hysterically when the questions were being asked and answered!


Seagulls flew overhead all day. It was breathtaking to see them get so close.

Sebastian experienced his first touch of sand among the sand dunes. He showed such joy as his feet felt this new texture and he flapped his arms up and down with excitement when he saw the plants and could lean and grab them.

He was taking little steps in the sand, while holding on. I call this the dancing baby mode.

Sebastian was a bit worried about the waves, so I’ve been slowly introducing him to them over the last few days. He dipped his feet in a bit, but the water was colder than the pool, so I think it was a little bit of a shock.

All this attention from all the grandparents and all these new experiences keeps a smile plastered on Sebastian’s face.

Though he had already been in the pool that morning, it was only in the afternoon that we were able to get some shots of his reaction. He loved being in Daddy’s arms and splashing the water!

We even watched a beach wedding occur right in front of us (the bride gave me a smile when I took her photo, as she stepped out from the house) and then the party was set up next door.

Even Sebastian enjoyed peeking at the wedding party before he went to bed.