Girls Night In

Husband went to Florida for a week for an exciting metals and mining conference, so my friend Nancy came over for a little girls night. First, she helped me bathe the baby and hung out, while I nursed him and put him down.

We decided to make a yummy dinner together. We cooked pastured hot and spicy pork sausage and veggies. The sausages were boiled first, then we, and by we I mean Nancy, cut them up and dealt with the hot saucy water squirting out from them! We threw them in a frying pan with onion and garlic and then put red tomatoes, red peppers and spinach on top, added lots of red crushed peppers (both of us LURVE spicy foods and Sebastian must love them too, since he never complains about my breast milk) covered it up, made it sweat and in a few minutes, we had a complete meal.

Nancy very sweetly brought me the little gift they were giving away for Mother’s Day at Church, a heart pendant with a prayer and something I’ll definitely stick on a long chain. And, she brought me napkins with a K on them. I love any paper products, and as I was talking about how I needed pretty napkins, she pulled out the gift. How well she knows me!

She brought the wine (which we noticed was from Israel, where we traveled together) and even pretty pink peonies! She was right–they opened up beautifully the next day!

At one point, our conversation became serious. We discussed lots of things, from relationships to religion to family. Don’t worry, we ended the night with laughter, while watching Modern Family. It was a great night.

The next day, she found this article called, “15 Things You Should Give Up in Order to be Happy“, which I thought was very poignant. While I’m sure many people already do some of these things, I thought it was a very interesting article, and has inspired me to try to make a few changes in my life…Actually, I think I’ve been trying to make these changes for quite some time, but this article inspired me to think about these things again. It always helps when you see lists and you can pinpoint concretely what it is you need to change.

You see, I used to be Mrs. Positivity in the past, now Husband says I tend to make things negative. I call it realistic. He calls it negative. Potato, po-tah-to. Or we can meet down the middle and call it complaining. Whatever the semantics, I do feel that life is a lot better when I don’t complain. I feel that when I’m more positive, things just look better. It really is all about perspective.

I do it with Sebastian, why can’t I do it with every aspect of my life? When he decides to wake up 9 times in one night (like he did last night), I just keep thinking, oh, why is this time flying by so fast, why is he growing so fast, I love him so much. Soon, he won’t wake me up, but he’ll be independent. But, in other parts of life, I think, man, that situation “sucks”. And, I use that word in my head and aloud and you know what? I hate that word, I want to ban it from my life, but it squirms its way out again.

Here’s to making a change! Clink, clink!