Cuddles Galore

Short post today, just wanted to post a couple of pics. As I’ve said before, I’m a fan of sharing the bed with the baby. We don’t do it all night, mainly it happens in the wee morning hours now that the baby wants to come into bed with us. Sebastian nurses and then cuddles in between us, until he wakes up.

It’s so pleasant and I think he likes being wrapped in mommy and daddy, since he sleeps so well with us. If he’s in the crib, he uses a cuddle toy that my friend, Jeanine, got for him–a little soft yellow lion.

Ray snapped up this shot of Sebastian and me when he was only a couple of months old. We were just cuddling together on a Saturday morning. I loved just staring at him. Now, when he’s awake, it’s rare to get him to just stare without having a plan to jump or grab at something.

This second photo was taken in February, when Sebastian was four months old. Ray snuck a photo, pardon the greasy hair! We either sleep like that. If he’s not touching either one of us, he starts moving. Otherwise, Ray or I end up cuddling up behind him and holding him. Now that he’s so big, there’s not much of a worry of crushing him, though I’m still aware when he moves around, which is good when he decides to wake up early and decides to crawl on top of me!