Baby on a Beach

It’s so great to get a beach tent for the baby, this way we can spend a number of hours on the beach with the baby. He still gets his Vitamin D and doesn’t need all the nasty chemicals! It’s so easy to set up because it instantly pops up.

Sebastian was amused by the beach, but stayed in the shade. I thought it would be very difficult to be with a baby at the beach, but it’s not bad at all, especially if there is a place we can seek shelter from the sun and a place nearby for his morning and afternoon naps. I have yet to try a day on the beach without a house nearby. I think it would be too tough for a little guy at this age in extreme heat (I certainly welcome suggestions on how this can be done if any of you have good methods!) I don’t think every day will be like today with him wanting to stay in one place!

With so much family around to keep him constantly entertained when we want to go swim or read, this is an extremely relaxing vacation.

A puppy joined us on the deck.

By the end of the day, Naked Baby wanted to play in the mini pool his “Aunt” Joanne bought for us. He loves baths so much, it’s no surprise that Sebastian enjoyed the pool.