Easter Blessing

This year, with a new little family, our traditions became even more important. On Holy Saturday, we went to get our Easter Basket blessed. There were so many gorgeous Easter baskets filled with Polish meats, chocolates and decorated eggs.

It was fun showing Sebastian all of the brightly colored additions to the baskets. He mostly just wanted to grab and stick everything in his mouth. Babcia also had to throw a painted egg up in the air for his entertainment.

During the basket blessing, as I’ve described in last year’s Easter Basket Blessing post, Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan blessed our basket.

And a few minutes later…he came up to Sebastian and gave him a blessing. He told him that he had similar cheeks to him, ha, ha! This was so special to us because last year, when we found out we were pregnant and had a super romantic weekend away, Cardinal Dolan celebrated a Mass in the random town we went to for Church! Now, he got a chance to meet our little boy!

On Easter Sunday, we ate Easter eggs to start the meal. Everyone got a piece of an egg and we said, “Happy Easter!” to each other.

We had various appetizers out for our meal, a lot of the meats from the Easter basket, plantains, bunny bread, salads, cheeses and goat cheese and marinara (my specialty).

Ray and I made two different types of Lamb. Below is the roasted leg of lamb.


Here are some of the attendees from Easter Sunday, ready to eat a delicious meal!

The rack of lamb was unbelievably juicy. I was nervous about making lamb. I haven’t eaten it since my travels to Mongolia almost five years ago. There, all we did was eat mutton, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was so over that animal. But, I figured as long as I wasn’t eating mutton, it would be good and I was right!



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