Valentine’s Day Hearts

I love Valentine’s Day. I used to be one of those girls who said I didn’t love it, whether I had a boyfriend or not, but I think I always secretly did love it. It’s a way to slow down from our busy lives and say, “Hey, you’re my favorite!”

And there’s nothing better than a homemade Valentine’s Day surprise. I prefer that over any bought gift. A handmade card, a scavenger hunt, a list of things that say why I love you, just some small sweet way to say I love you.

Ray surprised me last night–I was exhausted by the end of the night and all I wanted was some tea. Out came a beautiful tea cup with hearts on it and when I drank the tea, I saw a little heart in the middle. Then, I was heading down to bed, played scramble with friends and read some RSS feeds when I saw an email post card come through that was amazingly loving.

This morning in my groggy state, after Sebastian and I woke up, we cuddled, chatted, prayed, giggled and then I got up to give him a diaper change. I was still a bit groggy, so I grabbed without looking up and caught a heart. In my hand was an imperfectly cut heart out of pretty colored paper.

Then something caught my eye on the table–a vase with tasty heart “flowers,” made of donuts.

I have to give credit to Dunkin Donuts for making these donut hearts. I’m not sure if last year was the first year they made them or the first year I noticed them, but I think they are brilliant and tasty. I had to have one last year on our road trip. You can see a pic of it in the post I wrote last year around this time. We found out that I was pregnant that weekend! And on Valentine’s Day, I walked to five different Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan, but they were sold out everywhere!

Today, I keep finding little hearts everywhere. I absolutely love discovering them all over the place! I found one as I went to get my tea kettle filled with water.

Then…on the faucet!!

I found one in the fridge.

And…near my vitamins…

On the boppy…

I noticed that all of the hearts were color coordinated to the places they were put. My initial thought was that it was just a coincidence until I saw the swing!

Everywhere I go, I keep finding hearts that were cut out!

Even Sebastian’s toy area had a heart that matched the particular toy.

I immediately texted my husband and told him he was something else. I couldn’t believe with how much he works hat he had time to do this, so I appreciate it even more. I asked him how he did this and he answered, “Magic!” What a sweetie. I keep finding hearts in different places all over the apartment. I can’t wait to find them all!