Cosleeping with Knives

Sleeping with your baby is as dangerous as sleeping with a butcher knife? What? Look at this ad below, that’s what it says.

I think making the photo was probably more dangerous than co-sleeping actually is (I’m hoping it was shopped). I’ve heard a lot of negative things about cosleeping with the baby. Unless you are on some sort of medication or have had a lot of alcohol, I don’t see how you could smother the baby. I’m well aware of my surroundings when I sleep so I don’t fall off the bed, and I’m aware there is a baby next to me and I won’t crush him.

My theory is that you have to do whatever works for you, whether it’s cosleeping or crib sleeping. When I first had the baby, I have to admit I was a little nervous about sleeping in the same bed with him. And, even if it was OK for me to sleep next to the baby, people would tell us that my husband could roll over onto the baby because he didn’t have that motherly instinct. All of that is bollocks!

A few days after Sebastian’s birth, my mom took over and slept with the baby. I was healing and she would sleep with him and bring him to me to feed. It was amazing because I could barely walk, was very weak and exhausted and needed my mom so much. I don’t know how I’ll ever thank her enough for what she did for me. The baby very happily slept next to her. He was so tiny, so she propped him up on a pillow and they slept well together. I loved on the rare occasion when I would wake up before both of them and see them in the bed and both snoring loudly. I think they found comfort in each other.

Then, I started sleeping next to the baby. The crib just wouldn’t work no matter what I tried. It wasn’t until we started traveling more on weekends and then at Christmas when he got used to the crib. Even though he will sleep in his crib, he sleeps so much better when he’s in the bed with us. A nap will be twice as long because he feels one of us next to him. It’s the sweetest thing. When Hubby and I have been extremely tired and Sebastian is struggling to fall asleep in his crib, we just place him in the bed with us and he falls asleep in between us. Sometimes, he opens his eyes, checks that one of us is with him and falls soundly back asleep. Moments like that make me just say a little thankful prayer to God.

Most of the world co-sleeps with their baby. If you look at various cultures, it just makes sense. And, it makes sense for us. When I wake up in the morning and see Ray and the baby sleeping so soundly next to each other, it melts my heart and I just want to crawl back in the bed and cuddle with both of them.



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