Lessons from Three Months of Mommyhood

I can’t believe it’s been three months, since I had Sebastian. So much has happened over the three months and I couldn’t be happier and more exhausted. As a three month marker, I’ve decided to make a list of a 13 of the things I’ve learned so far as a new mama:

  1. When Sebastian smiles at me, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. I’m not sure that anything can be sweeter. My heart thumps with joy and I believe anything is possible!
  2. Babies make a lot of noise when they sleep. They grunt, bark, sigh. You’d think this would be bothersome, but it’s not. Not only is it adorable, but it also gives me a sense of relief. When you share a room with your baby, you hear it all and it makes you feel calm every time because you know he is breathing.
  3. Your own baby is cute, even when he cries. Other people may not think so, but to you, it’s awesome. It’s his own language, so that’s how he speaks to me to let me know something is up, like he’s hungry, tired, wants a cuddle, etc.
  4. Cuddles in the morning are the best! Cuddles all the time are the best! Cuddles make you slow down and realize that everything else can wait.
  5. Having a baby is very humbling, but it also makes you feel very powerful. It’s humbling because I don’t always know the answer to everything and how much a 20 pound little man can control every aspect of your life. It’s powerful because I was able to have him, and was given a blessing to take care of him and teach him what I know.
  6. After the first week, breastfeeding is easy. It was so tough at first and I thought I would never be able to do it, but now it’s so wonderful. When we are together like that, it is such a special bonding time. I love the eye contact he has with me or the way his eyes roll back with pleasure and how he knows to open his mouth and know exactly where to go when I lay him next to me. I love the grunts, swallows and moans as he nurses. It’s just incredible. I am so thankful that he can grow so wonderfully just on my milk. What a miracle.
  7. Poop is exciting. Nowadays, I have a lot of discussions with my husband about poop, the color, the texture, the size. Believe it or not, I get happy when the baby has a poop.
  8. Bath time is so sweet. Sebastian is so excited about the water and it’s so cute to see his reaction to water being splashed when he moves his arms and legs.
  9. Sebastian inspires me to be creative. Even in the womb, he was making me come up with ideas like the How to Make a Baby in a Minute or Less Project or other photography projects.
  10. As a mom, you become an expert multitasker. I am now the expert on holding/breastfeeding/walking with the baby while answering emails, taking care of stuff on my phone or blogging. But, I also love to put down the phone to have our alone time and bonding time.
  11. “Thanks for your concern,” is part of my phraseology now. A mother has a good instinct and knows what her baby needs. There is a lot of advice out there. And sometimes, it’s annoying. However, sometimes I like to hear it because I learn something I didn’t know. If I don’t think the advice works for me, I don’t have to heed it.
  12. The grips on your hands/sweaters/shoulders are awesome. I love it when Sebastian grapples me. He always has to hold something and his hands flail in the air searching until they find something to hold.
  13. The love between my husband and me has grown exponentially. I will never forget what we experienced in the labor room together and how much he took care of me in the following weeks. On top of that, it melts my heart to see his love for the baby. It is so amazing to see him excited to spend every moment he can with Sebastian, no matter how little sleep he has had.