Food Surprise!

Whoa, so I opened the door at 8am to a man delivering boxes and freezer bags of food! What a wonderful gift to receive when you’re a new mom. It’s been so difficult to eat well, since my parents left because I was adjusting to a new schedule where there aren’t two other hands to help out.

My dear friends, Sara and Jason, live in Texas currently. Sara said if she lived near me, she would cook some meals and help me out. She understands, since she had a little girl herself three years ago. Because Sara and Jason don’t live near us, she and Jas sent food from Fresh Direct. I would have never thought of such a unique way to help a busy new mother. What a fantastic gift and what amazing friends!

There was an immense amount of food. The photo below is just a tiny portion of everything that we received. Everything was organic. Milk, tangerines, prepared meals that just needed to be warmed up or quickly cooked up, bagels, pizza, tomatoes, cold cuts, bread, bananas, lettuce, spinach and on and on.

That evening, I decided to cook up the stir-fry Chipotle Pineapple Shrimp with Veggies. First, I got Sebastian into the kitchen to be with me on his swing[/amazon_link. (I can assure you that he is not currently taking up a career as an MC, although it may look like it)

After he was settled and happy watching me, I put a tablespoon of oil in the pan. I let it heat up and threw in the shrimp.

Then, I poured the shrimp into a bowl that had a paper towel in it to drain the oil. There were still enough oil remnants for the veggies to be stir fried.

Time to mix it all together!

And finis, dinner for two is ready! I’m sure Sebastian enjoyed the meal third hand. :O)

And for dessert… a juicy mandarin orange.



He does have a Rodney Dangerfield thing going on here...