Bath Time after Disaster Strikes

Sebastian's First Sponge Bath at Home

The very next day after my parents left, I was alone and trying to figure out how to handle a baby and be able to do regular things, like have time for my own shower, time to get dressed, time to eat. Of course, that day, I was about to experience a very big lesson on bathing a baby after disaster strikes.

Sebastian was in his swing, as I was in the middle of getting dressed in the living room, while watching him. Then, he started crying. He no longer wanted to be left swinging, he wanted to be held. I wasn’t fully dressed yet, but I wanted to give him a cuddle. As I picked him up, I felt a greasy wetness everywhere. I looked at the swing and it was covered in poop. He had a blowout. If you aren’t familiar with the blowout, welcome to my world. It happens on a daily basis. As I write this, I think back to just a few hours ago where there was a triple blowout. No matter how quickly I catch a poop, the blowout happens. No matter what diapers I try, the blowout happens. It’s ok, it’s still cute at this point.

Back to my story–I felt this wetness and immediately put him down on my changing area to try to deal with this. As I was trying to clean the great mess, the phone began ringing. I ignored that and laughed that, of course, this was happening while I was attempting to deal with poop. Then, Sebastian proceeded to pee on me. I tried my best to catch it, but it was too late, my nursing bra and my belly had gotten hit. Still doing my best to clean up the mess, my doorbell started ringing. It was the UPS guy. I was flabbergasted and shouted, “Just leave it at the door!” I didn’t know how to give Sebastian a bath with only me here and I couldn’t leave him alone in the changing area, which was unsecured. So, I put him back in the swing. When I transferred him, poop got all over me. Then, I heard a dinging in the background, my google talk was going off. Someone was trying to chat with me. I wondered if I was actually in the midst of a comedy show.

I ran to the bathroom to get the bathtub, brought it into the kitchen and began filling it up. As it filled up, I ran to get his new outfit, a towel, a washcloth and soap. Sebastian was crying, as he sat half naked in a second diaper which was mostly clean. He didn’t have any warm clothing on and I was worried that he would get cold as I ran around the house trying to prepare a bath. I sacrificed one of my husband’s shirts and threw it on him to keep him a tiny bit warmer. After the mini tub was ready and the water was the right temperature, I grabbed him up, pulled off the diaper and kicked off the dirty clothing and the dirty changing blanket with my feet, so I could have a clean place to put him as I was drying him. Then, I washed him. He giggled and wriggled around in the tub. I felt like he was laughing at the whole situation and saying, I was just testing you to see how you could handle a blowout without any help!

Fun in the Mini Tub

Sometimes he shoots and scores.

After that whole experience happened, I called my friend, Jeanine, who had her baby on the same day as me, and asked how the heck she bathes her son by herself. She quickly referred me to the bath pillow. Life is SO much easier, since I got this pillow. I still like the tub for traveling or if someone has glass shower doors, versus an open tub, but the pillow is quick and easy. I just turn on the bathwater, plop it down and put Sebastian on there. He loves laying in the tub, with the warm water flowing over him and splashing water with his kicking legs.

We’ve graduated to the bathtub now, so from time to time, I take baths with the baby. It is the sweetest time for me. It combines two of the joys of my life, Sebastian and baths! The only problem I find is that I can’t have it too hot and I usually like my baths extra steamy. Oh, well, this is well worth the compromise!