Breakfast at my Parents’ House

I’ve written about eating in my parents’ home in the past, but I’ve never talked about breakfast. My parents always have an amazing spread. The food is always magnificent and the table is filled with vibrant colors.

This is how their table looks for breakfast, every day. There is always some bread that has been toasted, pitas, whole grain breads and a steamy drink, like coffee or tea. Then, the other food will vary. Sometimes, there are eggs, beets, various vegetable salads. Sometimes, there is ham, different meats and cheeses, bacon, avocado. It just depends on the day.

There is always fruit. I got my mom a couple of little fruit market containers for Christmas, so she’s been placing her fruit in them now. Raspberries in a bright yellow ceramic container are so much tastier than out of a clear plastic case!

If you don’t believe me, here is a photo of another day’s breakfast spread.

Because my mom doesn’t use recipes, but just pulls stuff out of her fridge and makes food from what she has and my dad is a chemist, there is always some sort of new experiment on the table that is touted. This time, my mom made something between an omelet and a pancake with fruit layering the top. One time, I came home to find spicy jello made from jalapeños. It makes the most important meal of the day fun and exciting.