Easter Basket Blessing

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wanted to explain a little about my other Polish tradition of blessing our Easter basket. First, I should say, that in any area that has a large population of Poles, it’s common to see this blessing at all Catholic Churches. In Chicago, it’s very common in any church to do this on Holy Saturday, whether you are Polish or not.

Close-up of Easter Basket

Our Easter Basket


In New York, it’s a little different. Though, I saw plenty of Americans today, I believe they were at least partly of Polish decent, since I heard them speaking English, but saying a few Polish words here and there, like “We need to bring this back for babcia,” meaning grandmother.

I grew up with this tradition, so I was surprised when I moved to New York and didn’t see all Catholics doing it. Admittedly, it was a bit sad for me, especially seeing the dwindling amount of Poles in Manhattan, as it is an extremely expensive city to live in. I think most American Poles have moved to Chicago!

Below is my photo of my Easter Basket, filled with all sorts of mouthwatering delights.

Easter Basket Explained

We went to St. Stanislaus Church in the East Village. They conveniently had blessings from 12PM-7PM, every half hour. The priest read a blessing from his prayer book and blessed each type of item that I mentioned above and then went around the room, sprinkling Holy Water at people and the Easter baskets.

Holy Water

Priest Blessing the People and Easter Baskets

Priest Blessing the People and Easter Baskets




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