Whimsical Winter Getaway

After constant craziness, we needed a weekend getaway with phones and internet turned off. Well, we didn’t totally do that, since I had some stuff arriving in from Syria and had to be on the phone to see if US Customs finally cleared the package. But, either way, it was a perfect weekend, one I certainly will not forget.

Little Cabin

We rented a cozy cabin in Port Jervis, New York. It was a tiny studio cabin, just perfect for two of us.

Bed and Fireplace

The cabin had cute little country decorations, heated stone floors, a huge fire place and a place for us to play our board games.

Quilted Bathroom

Notice the quilted theme in the cabin.


Of course, we brought our slippers.

Snowshoe Equipment

Our snowshoe equipment had a place in the entrance way.

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Our cottage was called “The Bluebird Cottage”, which was totally cute, since we have a running inside joke about birds. Here is the sign for the cottage, under a lot of snow. Perfect to have a lot of snow, when our goal was to spend a lot of time out in the snow during the day!

Gorgeous Day

It was a gorgeous day outside and we had 500 acres that we could explore around the property. We just exited our cabin and started walking, until we decided on a path to start snowshoeing. It was so nice to not have to drive anywhere and be able to spend the day walking around and spending time with each other. We were excited to tumble in the snow a bit.

My Snowshoes

It was my first time snowshoeing and I was super excited to finally live out this dream I’ve had to try this since I found out about snowshoeing about 15 years ago! First goal, tying the snowshoes. Husband was uber sweet and tied mine on my feet, so that I wouldn’t have any unexpected slips and falls in the snow!

Dominika on Snowshoes

It was so much fun to snow shoe all over the place. I saw foot prints that were about a foot and a half deep and yet, Husband and I were able to stay on top of the snow with my big shoes!

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Ray wore his warm sweater we got in Norway, when we traveled there 5 years ago. He didn’t even need a coat with his windproof sweater. Those Scandinavians understand the winter better than anyone!

Water Tower

We came across this water tower. I did a handheld HDR shot. Thought it was too beautiful to pass up.

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Aweeeeee….Ray Hearts Misia (that’s my nickname in Polish, pronounced, “Mee-sha”)

Ray and Dominika in the Snow

We found a place to set the timer up on the camera and have a photo taken together.

Negotiating the Woods

We spent time negotiating the woods, climbing on logs, hills and even rock walls (it’s easy to do anything in snowshoes!)

Tobago Boardgame

In the evening, we played boardgames. This one is a new favorite of mine, called Tobago. It is really clever and I love the pieces and the way the game is laid out.

Immaculate Conception of St. Mary's Church

Later in the weekend, we went to a Mass in Port Jervis at the Immaculate Conception of St. Mary’s Church.

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Surprisingly, Archbishop Timothy Dolan was invited to the Mass. What a perfect end to a perfect weekend by attending this phenomenal Mass! I was blown away that in this random town, on this particular weekend celebrating Ray’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, we had our wonderful Archbishop with us!

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On the road trip home, we had one more heart thrown into the weekend…a heart shaped donut filled with boston creme. Perfection.


Thank you, Sarah! It seemed out of a fairytale. I can't believe little cottages like this exist!


Oh my gosh - I cannot imagine a more picturesque weekend. That cottage is out of a storybook. Oh MikaFika - I adore your life.


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