In the Details

This past weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for a friend. She had never been to a bridal shower, nor is it part of our Polish culture or tradition. However, seeing as we live in the U.S., I informed her that I would give her a beautiful bridal shower!

At first, I thought that I would just have a regular party, invite all of her friends, and just have a bunch of food. But then, I decided to make it a little non-traditional for our non-traditional bride and groom. Because neither the bride nor the groom really cared about the bridal shower theme, I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I don’t need a theme!” After all, not having a theme would cut down on time and expense. However, I just couldn’t live with that and needed to have a shower with a little pizzazz.

I’m very into details, sometimes to a fault. Ok, a lot to a fault. Because I’m a visual person, I have to have visually appealing colors and textures around me or I become a little “ornery,” as Husband puts it. I’ve decided it’s not the worst habit in the world and I consider the party I threw part of my year long heart and happiness project, since it made me happy to make my friends happy.

I chose flowers as the theme. Anyone who knows me, knows I adore flowers. If I could, I would have fresh cut flowers in every corner of my apartment. I think I get this from my parents. My mom has always loved flowers and my dad was a bee keeper. They’d always take my brother and me to botanical gardens (even when Husband and I went home for Christmas, they took us to one of the largest indoor botanic gardens in Chicago), stop on the side of the road to look at wild flowers, and treasure bees when I would swat them away. My mom would pick wild flowers every chance she got and make little crowns of flowers for me (I notice she does that with her grandchildren now too and they love it also). I cherished those memories of my parents appreciating natural beauty and teaching me to love flowers so much that I had to have a crown of flowers in my head for my wedding! I love the scent, I love the brightness, I love the way they make me feel when I look at them and I love the nostalgia they evoke.

To be quite honest, I didn’t start with the flower theme. I tried to go with the sailboat theme that the bride and groom have for their wedding, but I wasn’t too pleased with the colors it was giving me, and I wouldn’t have been able to get certain party favors in time, etc. So, I switched themes. Even though I worked on this shower every spare minute I had and hardly slept the week leading up to the shower (I was literally putting on makeup as the doorbell rang to the apartment), it was well worth it! The bridal shower was beautiful and in my eyes a success (I hope the bride and groom feel the same way!). Later that evening, I threw another party, post-Catholic Underground for my friends where we played guitars, sang and ate a lot of the left overs. And, on Sunday, Husband’s family come to celebrate his birthday, so they got to, at least, see the beautiful decorations and food (they were all on a diet, so they didn’t consume much of it!)

The Bridal Shower Photos are below!

I spent about 4 hours designing the invitation. Green is another favorite color of the bride–this was before I figured out that she’d be having pink flowers at her wedding and pink was her second favorite color. I used a photo that I shot of her in the rain last year. Then, I put little hearts falling onto the umbrella, as if they are rain. Bridal “Shower,” get it? I found out a few days after I had created the invitation that her hubby-to-be got a job and was moving from Alaska to New Jersey, so I added him on the invite and made it a couple’s bridal shower, so he could be included in this special event.

Zinnia Flower Cupcakes and Shortbread Heart Shaped Cookies on display.Zinnia Flower Cupcakes and Shortbread Heart Shaped Cookies on display from the Cupcake Cafe. Behind it, more cupcakes!

Party Favors

Mini-cakes were the party favors. To have flowers, you need to have bees. Busy Bee and Lemon Raspberry Poppy Flower Cakes from Blackhound were for guests to take home after the party. I displayed them on mini flower cake stands, but no one could eat these at the party. Don’t worry, they had plenty of treats to eat, like the red velvet cake, which I forgot to mention earlier! Guests salivated and waited to try the goodies at home! I’ve tried both types, more than tried, devoured — so delicious. I think I gained five pounds over the weekend.

Mini-Cakes Close Up

Close up shot of the Mini Cakes and flower stands (the stands I got on Etsy)


Flower balloons and lots of pink were in the room. As mentioned before, the bride loves pink and plans on having that in her wedding, so, the pink was easy to incorporate in the flower theme.

Full Table

Full table, filled with fruits, cheeses, cheese and marinara, pizza bagels, veggies and low-fat dip (the only low fat thing on this table!), Perrier flavored water and Izze drinks. We had to have pink plates and flowery napkins. Not to mention multi-colored straws!

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The happy bride- and groom-to-be open presents under a flower balloon from the Balloon Saloon.

She has on a pink scarf and a pink flashing tiara, of course!

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Hubby took this photo of me showing off the pretty balloon and cupcake after cleanup. All in all, a beautiful bridal shower…and soon…I’ll get to sleep, right?! Maybe once I get through February and March!


Never mind Dominika, I just realized u got them for cupcake cafe, either way they were so pretty!!


Hey Dominika. You did a fantastic job on your friends bridal shower!! Did u make the flower cookies and the cup cakes your self? My friend is getting married in July and she asked me to be her maid of honor as well and this gave me inspiration to hopefully give her a beautiful bridal party as well. =) Do u have any suggestions or tips u can possibly provide me? Anything would help since I am new at this. Thank you! =)


Thanks, Sarah. It's a big compliment, coming from you, since you put a lot of love in your presentation too!


This is sooo beautiful, Dominika! What a special event you created. I think you mastered this theme.