Close Call with Cayenne

Cinnamon versus Cayenne

When it’s 6am and I’m reaching for cinnamon to put in my oatmeal, it’s easy to confuse it with cayenne pepper. At least today it was–I got to the point of opening it and holding it over my oatmeal before I realized that it was a little bit of a deeper red color than cinnamon. Luckily, the error was caught in time before I ruined my breakfast. Or, maybe I would have made the greatest food discovery known to man…but I’m glad I didn’t check that out. I love spicy food, but not spicy oatmeal.

After I sprinkled my cinnamon and put in some raisins, I added chia seeds (70 calories for 2 tbsps). It’s such a great addition. Helps with the digestive tract and gives an additional texture to my food. There’s not much of a taste, but I like to add two tablespoons a day to some sort of meal I’m having, whether it be my cereal, my green smoothie or just as a snack with some milk. Trust me, it looks scarier than it is. Just mix it in and it looks like little fruit flies mixed into your breakfast, but it’s so healthy for you and hey, it makes you more regular. Let’s face it ladies, a lot of us need some chia seeds in our lives! Another thing in my Heart Project that is making me a little bit happier…!

Chia Seeds