The Making of a Staycation

I feel a little reluctant posting about this — I’ve been laughing at the idea of a staycation (a vacation while staying at home) since I found out about this concept about two years ago.

My hubby and I had a long weekend ahead of us and we toyed with the idea of going somewhere. I found out about this wolf conservatory and wanted to go there or just upstate to a cabin and try out snowshoeing. I had planned a big trip recently, then had done all sorts of holiday traveling, and with our hectic schedules, the weekend was quickly approaching and neither of us had the time or energy to plan a weekend trip. One thing was clear, we both needed to get away, but it would be nice to just be at home too.

So, we made a decision to shut out most of the world, canceled plans with our friends, turned off phones and email and just decided do stuff with each other (there were times where we allowed ourselves to check messages, just to make sure there wasn’t something time sensitive going on, but held true to not doing too much online stuff. We are also both into reading our RSS feeds daily, so we allowed ourselves a bit of that, as well.)

The Pros of a Staycation:¬† It saves money, doesn’t require a lot of planning and it’s really nice to just hide away to take some time for yourself and your spouse. FYI, you don’t have to follow all the staycation rules–we certainly didn’t get someone to put in hotel sheets nor did we choose a particular theme country and pretend we were in Thailand or something. We did cook an Italian meal one night, but our only theme that weekend was total relaxation.

The Cons: Although we made a decision to hide away, the world didn’t stop and the phone calls, text messages, emails and run ins with people kept coming. It’s much easier to go away on a trip and have a justification for being out-of-communication. (Yes, I’m still learning the art of not having to explain myself to people.)

Overall Rating: Thumbs up. This three day weekend, we had a lot of wonderful moments to ourselves. We stayed up late, watched movies, cuddled, slept in late (woke up at 2:30PM on Saturday!), cooked together, read together and spent a lot of time catching up and talking.

One of my favorite parts that made the Staycation pretty wonderful was a home cooked meal made together! Below is my illustrated 12 step program for a successful Staycation dinner.

Step One: Decant the wine.

Decant the wine

Step Two: Plan a menu on a napkin.

napkin menu

Step Three: Look in the fridge for ingredients.

hunting in the fridge

Step Four: Dessert is made first.

making dessert

Step Five: Get the hubby to mix the cocoa.

hubby mixing cocoa

Step Six:  Pour brownie batter into the pan.

pouring brownie

Step Seven: Start the cooking!

start the cooking

Step Eight: Pesto is the Besto!

cooking with pesto

Step Nine: More Pesto. Toasted Whole Wheat Bread with Pesto Spread.

pesto toast

Step Ten: Lights out. Candles lit. Scrumptious food on the table–Cheese Tortellini with Pesto, Grated Parmesan Cheese, Broccoli and Wheat Bread with Pesto spread.

romantic dinner

Step Eleven: Play a Board Game between dinner and dessert.

Power Grid

Step Twelve: Have a magical dessert. Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream and Blueberries. Coffee for Hubby. Tea for me.


Dominika Smereczynski
Dominika Smereczynski

Thanks, Marina! It certainly was a very wonderful weekend. It's good to enjoy every moment in our precious lives!

marina kamen
marina kamen

love seeing a young couple share the workout routine called life! Mxo