Taking Time to Eat Well

Beautiful dinner

I love eating meals at my parents’ house. There is no fancy restaurant in the world that can compare to the taste and enjoyment of a meal at their table. Above is a picture of a lunch that my parents were able to put together in a matter of minutes. At some point, I’ll post a picture of a “casual breakfast,” which looks like a meal set for royalty.

My mom always puts out beautiful plates, which I believe make the meal so much tastier. There tends to be a candle or some flowers on the table. There is always a lot of choice, which is handy for my vegetarian husband. Dessert  includes some sort of pastry, which my father loves to bake, and of course, fruit is a must on the table.

It’s my goal to be able to quickly make a casual meal look like this one. I fully admit that I fall into that New Yorker mentality, very little time, too busy, cooking is more expensive than take out, exhausted from the day, etc. What’s more is that my hubby isn’t home for dinner during the weekday, so it’s hard to convince myself to cook a beautiful meal for one, when I can just go across the street and grab some panang curry or soup and a bagel.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to learn to cook something new and delicious, instead of falling back on the same old recipes. It will be a conscious and time consuming effort to stay in and cook more. I mean, it will be better and healthier to do so, but more time consuming also. More deliciousness to come…!

In the meantime, I’m off to Nobu for dinner!



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