Snow Bunny

In light of the snow storm in New York, I thought it appropriate to make a “Snow Bunny Smoothie” today.

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I see that at this point, the Green Binge is getting “greener” and it’s less about the fruit and more about the veggies. My smoothie had a large focus on carrots, ginger and red leaf lettuce and a small amount of banana.Snow Bunny SmoothieI loved this smoothie and the name was so cute, I can’t wait to try this recipe again. The ginger gave it a nice spice and kick and surprisingly, it made me feel cozy on this cold, snowy day. What is it about carrots and ginger that make you feel so warm and cuddly?!

I made another wonderful meal with mandarins and baby spinach. I’m showing you a photo of the blender, so you can see how much green to put into the blender. The more baby spinach, the more nutrients in your body. And the mandarins are so sweet, they cover a lot of the taste of the spinach and only make it a richer flavor. Yum, yum, yum!

Orange Frothie