Cheating with Big Daddy

Big Daddy's Diner

It was Friday night, friends were in town and I was good all day…until after we saw Fuerza Bruta. We went to Big Daddy’s Diner and I had something that was so bad for me, but so delicious that I don’t even feel any guilt. Earlier in the week, I watched my friends eat yummy things in front of me and I stayed true to my week long Green Binge plan. Finally, Friday night, I said it’s ok to cheat a little bit (when it comes to food, of course, nothing else!)

The name of the shake was “The Cookie Monster,” and I certainly can’t resist a great name for a fantastic product. Though it was in liquid (almost smoothie) form, it was neither green, nor vegan and raw. It was dairy goodness! Do you know that this diner has Shake Happy Hours?! I may have to come back for that.

The Cookie MonsterI didn’t just have the shake, I also ate fries and chicken tenders. I noticed something. I couldn’t really eat the whole thing. Normally, when something is so delicious and fried up, I can just breath it all in and it’s gone! This time, I only had half of my shake, two chicken tenders and there happened to be a lot of left over fries. Maybe this diet makes me want other things? I’m not sure, but it seems to be the case.

Pondering all these questions, I know one thing, it was a great night with friends and I was just still beaming after seeing Fuerza Bruta–another post this week on that. It was some of the most incredible performance art I’ve ever seen.

Friends at the Diner


I certainly enjoyed the restof the shak and my doorman loved the food! He getting "too fat" but I "not too fat" so bring in milk shake happy hour in the future!