Back to the Greens

I was back to my Green Binge on Saturday. I made a few delicious items, but the one that is really worth mentioning was Robyn’s “What a Pear Smoothie,” which was light and refreshing. I think I’ll be making it again in the near future since I still have a few pears left!

What a Pear Smoothie

I put pears, frozen bananas and water in my blender.

Cutting Pears

Then, after I put it on the food processor level, I added several stalks of celery. I didn’t use lemon this time, which made me wonder how it would taste, but it was brilliant nonetheless.

What a Pear Smoothie Complete


I'm inspired! Wondering if I can make one of these smoothies with the magic bullet. I've thrown a banana in the freezer and plan to try it out later.


I agree, It was brilliant! It didn't cure me from eating pizza and ice cream last night though...